Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Been on a bit of a food/cooking/making frenzy last 2 days and thought I would share, not really very exciting but...... These are rice paper rolls, which I love and don't very often make up my own. Mixed up some smoked salmon, diced red onion, capers, light cream cheese and then place in the rice rolls and rolled them on up.  Made a sauce of Wasabi, Soy and dash of tomato.  I have weird tastes some say in food, but hey it tasted good ☺☺

Have gone back to making bread too and keep forgetting to take shots of the loaves. Well, here is today's after I cut it up. Some has been sliced and frozen (easy toasting), the other on the bench to eat, and another good size piece I am taking to my Mum's to have with the next item, while I visit her.

Good old pumpkin soup, Mum does like it or at least I really hope so as between me and one of my sisters she gets to eat this quite a bit lol. Butternut pumpkin, some red onion, garlic, stock and simmer then puree, easy.

This is what me and the man are going to sample tonight, lets hope it turns out alright. Has leftover Chicken/mushroom dish from last night in the middle and the bottom and top are those wraps that you buy, you know like pita bread or souvlaki bread. Thought I would see how this goes as a pie case. If it fails we will be just be eating the salad lol.

The Rhubarb is growing well so thought and am pretty sure Mum likes rhubarb so knocked up a Rhubarb crumble with oats.  Going to leave a bit here at home and take the rest to her to enjoy.

And this is the salad of home grown lettuce, shop bought tomato, avocado and a little cheese that may be our meal if that pie fails. Also went a bit cleaning mad and have the van spotless ready for our next trip next week and cleaned some of the house too.  Think it was because today was a beautiful sunny day. Cool but sunny. Always makes you feel better.
Packing up to go to Mum's for a night. Of course I will take my crochet and knitting ☺☺
Oh and looks like road will be out of action tomorrow and next day eeeek.....

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