Friday, August 10, 2012


Went down to visit Mum the other day and also help with getting a couple of presents for family and stayed the night. Look at her, she is on the phone to my sister in Queensland and oblivious to me taking a snap with that new camera hee hee. I did take a very zoomed shot of her having a sip of tea from the cup you can see in front of her, but don't want to get in trouble for posting shots she would not be happy about lol. Some nice biscuits in those jars too. 
Okay so here I am about to make some bread which is from symply no knead and I have been making bread off and on from their books since the 80's. Oh my, I am officially old.
And that frog hanging around was given to me by my oldest boy Rex, love that frog ☺☺ 
Already showed the untreated, unbleached flour and here are the rest of ingredients. Yeast, improver, oil, sugar, salt and today adding fresh rosemary and olives. Oooh and in the background is the man's cask of red lol. Maybe I may have a little tipple to help the recipe along, or perhaps not..... 
Mixing all the dried stuff together. 
Added the water (which you hardly need a photo of, right??) and some oil.
No olives yet as will add them in the final stage. 
Mixed it all up and then cover with cling wrap. 
And as it is rather cold here today, put it outside in my laundry trolley hoping to catch a bit of warmth from the sun. Leave for roughly 1-2 hrs till double in size.
Mixed in about 24 olives, yum. 
Split the dough in 2 as was using 2 smaller type loaf tins and as added touch a rosemary branch on top. And poppy seeds, I LOVE poppy seeds ☺ then to sit and double in size before going into the oven for roughly 30mins.
And fresh out of the oven looking mighty tasty.
Cooling on the rack, but of course you don't wait till cold too sample. 
Very nice and could have put in more olives but it has a lovely rosemary taste and the man likes too.
Oh and also that chicken/mushroom pie made with the wraps.....was really good, so try using those wraps instead of pastry for a quick and quite healthy option.
Starting to pack our caravan getting ready for our departure on Wednesday morning, and yep the road works are still going with the end in sight.
Be back soon xo ☺♥


  1. Yum! That bread looks scrummy - it has made me hungry!!
    Karen x

    1. oooh thank you, I made one with cheese and bacon on top last night and was enjoyed today ☺
      Have added you to my blog.

  2. How funny, I decided to make bread today (which I don´t do very often) because we are running low on food and my daugter is sick so I don´t want to leave her to go to the store. It´s a similar recipe but just basic - now I really feel like adding some olives to the mix and we just happen to have some in our almost empty cupboards.

    1. Excellent!! I do hope your daughter is well soon.
      Bread is so good and easy really and you can put so many different ingredients in and have different everytime ☺☺ Just thrown together a plain loaf today.

      wendy ☺


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