Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crochet, family times and flowers.

Well here is the little guy I was starting around the 4th august for a bit of fun over at laughing-purple-goldfish-designs in Ravelry for crochet/knit/sew  people.

He has such a cute face, although I know my ears are out of whack, also nose bent and if you look at his legs, one is larger than the other lol.
Don't you just love the stripey tail, bit like a Lemur.
And on the weekend we had special 3rd birthday to attend in a park. Here is the birthday girl, she is so cute and my new zoom came in handy as she was way over on the playground equipment.

Also got to spend time with my niece and her new baby girl, how cute. Got to have a lovely hold of her too and my niece has 2 really cute sons too, although as usual, I did not get a good shot of them.

Of course here is the man and my nephew with his beautiful wife.

Not a great shot, but is one of my boys (with the cap on) and his partner off to the right in the middle

And here comes my number 2 grandson, hello there!! Should have zoomed more but he was running as I had his birthday present to give to him so he was a bit excited lol. Oh and my niece's hubby in the front of this shot with one of their gorgeous little boys. It was a wonderful day and many blurry shots, so wont bore everyone with those.

Yep, the road works they do continue and we head off tomorrow so again will be glad to get away for the noise and not being able to drive out.

Road sealing will happen after we are gone ☺☺

Here is a few of those daffodil bulbs now trying to come to life although the rain has been horrendous.  Don't think I will get to see them all open and by the time we get back they will be looking a little jaded I think.

I don't have many flowers, more herbs and veggies really but did put in these few flowers and of course cannot remember what they are lol

Daffodil looking a Little sad from the wet.

This one is really pretty and the shot above I think is some ranunculus of varying colours, where as this one is more of a daisy.  Well almost finished packing up the van and look forward to the quiet away from our poor noisy little street. See you soon xoo

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