Friday, August 17, 2012

Off to The Entrance NSW with van

                         Heading off to The Entrance in NSW and goodbye to the roadworks for now.

Did not get away very early and needed to stop around the corner from home at the RSL as the camera at the back of the van was not working. Reverse camera in car was working but the link to the one at the back of van was not. This is not good when you want to see if anyone is behind you and also when reversing at the van parks, but we needed to get on the road, so off we went.

The good little van of many trips now.

An amazing sight going along the Monaro Highway before Cooma link to cooma our destination for the night. Lovely seeing such low clouds as we were very high up at that point.

Many a log truck on the road and these guys really move and don't want to be in there way when they are empty!! Had a good trip though and got to Cooma before dark. Stayed just the one night and on the road next day to The Entrance, no shots taken as how many road shots does anyone really want to see.....none I think lol lol.

Arrived at The Entrance around 5.30 and quickly setup which is not hard with a van that is already packed with what you need. More the getting the levels right with the legs etc.  Here is the van at our spot for the next 5 nights, possibly more.

There are many birds here and they were busy roosting for the night. A bit too dark to see what they were.

Next morning a beautiful day reaching around 21 and for us this is warm as used to below 15 currently at home.

Shot of the view the other way out the front of the caravan park. and obviously we are in the van part not the resort. Quite good but don't think it would be good if when popular time as sites are close together.

Lots of Pelicans here and they feed them everyday at 3.30 so I will have to get shots of that over the next few days.  Going to the Farmers Market tomorrow morning so hope weather is good for that.

Had a lovely walk towards where the sea meets the lake hence the name The Entrance.

Caught sight of this little bird of prey, possibly a small hawk, cute.

Looking back past the entrance, really is a beautiful sight with blue sky and water.

Zoomed in with that new camera on the pools which are filled with seawater. Too cold for a dip today.

After being out in the care checking out the local and beyond shops came on back and the wind was certainly starting to rev it up!! That is where the toilets, laundry and separate showers are and the palms are really moving.

Sight through our sky light of a palm next to the van.

Starting to rain and took a shot of a little island in the distance whilst sitting in the van, starting to look cold and a little wet now. But I am sure we will have good days ahead.  Also have started a Granny Stripe blanket but will need to wait till I am back home to get on with that as I don't have all the colours I need here, waiting on postal delivery from the UK.
Take care and be back soon xo

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  1. Cold wet and windy here. Photos look nice and the temperature up there sure is appealing.


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