Monday, August 20, 2012

Market and Pelicans

                          Headed off to the farmer's market for a look on Saturday morning and the sun was shining.
Plenty of stalls were setup with the usual fruit and vegetables. A few with goats soap, herbs and even a guy that suggests you can smoke his all natural herbal Tea blend....☺

Plenty of rides/amusements for the little ones too.

Dogs also seem to love coming to markets lol. Back home it is always amazing how many bring their dogs, must be to pick some of those pigs ears that they sell lol.

Well while away have started that other Granny Stripe blanket, but have to stop till back home as missing my next colour. It is a pale blue and waiting on it from Deramores in the Uk link and always happy to enable other yarn lovers out there lol. It is going to be single bed size so will take me a while.

On Monday we drove over the bridge to the other side to Norah Head and on our way stopped at Budgewoi Beach and took a few snaps, this is bird Island roughly 6.5klm from  the Lighthouse. Good place for the birds ☺

Beautiful sea The Tasman but can refer to it as the Pacific. Took a shot of the point in the distance. That is Norah Head where the light house is situated.

Got to love that zoom!! Can even see 2 people up the top for the tours they have daily.

Love taking shots of the sea.

There are plenty of bulk carrier ships out there. In this shot 3 but I counted 16!! Apparently waiting to go fill up with coal at Newcastle. new castle

Here is the man, does he look like he is waiting to fill up too lol.

It was amazing how slippery this sandy path (made of wood slats) was, or is it just me?? ☺☺

Car park to the beach, but of course cannot see the sea from here ☺

Drove over to Norah Head and walked up to the Lighthouse. More beautiful shots of the sea.

Here it is, Norah Heads Lighthouse and even can have weddings and stay in the cottages here.
Such a great shot on a beautiful day.

Walking back, just had to do another sea rocks shot ☺

And here is the Pelican feeding I mentioned in last post. Happens daily at 3.30pm and boy were there plenty of them, lots of  fun to watch.

And anyone who lives in NZ or travelled there will like this little sign, right where the pelicans were, neat.

Certainly fun for the ladies doing the feeding too.
They do have a kind of velociraptor look where staring and following hand movement.

Hope I have not overdone the pics of Pelicans, but they are neat to watch ☺

I hope you all enjoyed the latest pictures here. Going to see Rex, one of my son's on Wednesday, so that will be a fun catchup for sure. Hope you are all enjoying life too. xo


  1. glad to see you visited my local area love Norah Head light house lovely area and the rock pool about 20 mins from us

    1. Oh wow how neat it is your local area ☺☺ We are still loving it around here and good weather for us too. thanks for visiting ☺

  2. Tasman Sea, Pacific Ocean, or does your man, who comes from the side prefer to call it the "ditch" LOL


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