Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Australian Reptile Park and more touristy things

                                         On Tuesday we decided to do some more touristy stuff with a drive along
                                          the scenic road which had heaps and heaps of trees blocking views lol.
We stopped off at a lookout just near Terrigal beach and that is the town down the bottom to the left.

View from up the lookout with a lower down lookout in the distance on that grassy mound.

Zoomed in on one of the many ships out there waiting.

Beautiful view up here for sure.

The steps and path back down, quite a climb, but hey we are fit.... lol not.

Some interesting homes along the cliff front, some magnificent views for them.

Another stop along the way.

Sydney is way out looking straight to land beyond, where Rex lives near..... xo

Not much of a view here lol

Okay, now enjoy the pictures and I will only comment if I know the animal ☺☺

Emu walking and sitting ☺

The beautiful Tasmania Devil, constantly on the move.

A very young Alligator which the man got to pat☺

Burmese Python with lucky lady to hold and pet lol

A very tired Koala.

Tawny Owl.

Blue winged tipped Kookaburra

Major Mitchell Cockatoo

Superb Parrot

Lots of Alligators, apparently 28 girls and 4 very lucky boys lol Wonder if the ladder is so the girls can escape???

Still loving the zoom lol Is he smiling??

How cute are these seats, love them!!

Oh and this looks like the poor little person got taken.........

Okay, now look away if you HATE spiders....I am NOT a fan, but in the name of education, well here goes.

Hideous Funnel web, one of the really bad ones that live in Oz, nsw.

There is a great song about the Red Back spider and the toilet in our wonderful country. lyrics here

Now this is better, Stick insect creatures.
Ooh a nice mummy to the entrance to lizard world.


Bearded dragon

Desert Monitor.

Green tree snake.

Mr and Mrs Bush turkey.

Elvis the saltwater crocodile and MASSIVE.


Little Kangaroo.


Very young Cape Baron Geese.

The man and mum Cape Baron Goose seem to be having a stand off lol.

Little turtles.

Dingo and funny thing my camera detected face recognition lol.

A young Koala, posing nicely.

My favourites, flying foxes and I also love bats ☺☺

A mother and her baby getting wrapped up.
No going in with the Cassowary as there is no messing around with them at all.
Wallaby, darker and much smaller than the kangaroo.
A crane, did not see his/her name.

And one my son's!! Rex, I am always happy seeing one of my boys and this one lives roughly 9hrs away by car so we like to call in on him when on the road when we can ☺☺
Hope you liked all of the pictures and do know there was HEAPS but love sharing.
Now a few more days here with the van so who knows what else we may do and see.
Hello and thank you for coming by to say hey. ☺♥


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