Friday, August 24, 2012

Visiting distillery, Newcastle and other fun.

Hello again!! On Thursday we were expecting a warm day, well for us, very warm of 30 Celsius. Where we live currently the high is around 12 lol. Soo we thought we would check out a few places that had been suggested and this distillery was one of them.

Water feature bottle out the front in the herbal garden.

Got to love lavender ☺☺

Here is the selection of  liqueurs that were up for the tasting.

A gin that the man here makes and won a Silver (world wide) for this.

The equipment used to make the many fruit and herb types.

He can distill up to eight times, so we are talking beautiful, smooth liqueurs without the higher alcohols. Less chance of hideous headaches and nausea. Have a few shots of our purchase later down the post.
We then drove on to a fruit winery (no grapes used here) but no opportunity for photo's. Then as getting near lunch time was advised about a neat spot with BBQ at the ready.

We then headed off to have a BBQ lunch and this lovely kookaburra thought he might get a chance at pinching one of our BBQ hot dogs(we like them that way).

So the man was keeping a close eye on the cooking and that bird lol.

Couple of low fat type hot doggies and onion on our special non stick mat. It means if you come across a filthy BBQ then can just put the mat down and cook away. Crisps and bbq's wonderfully.

Just some Aldi wraps to hold it all together, yum.
 Then off back to van as the wind was really picking up and it did get very hot, but with air con in car, just fine for us ☺.  Got back and the heavens opened up and that is where vanning can be fun, running to the loo in a mega downpour of rain lol lol. Good for my fitness levels eh??

Today (Friday) we headed  to Newcastle link for info which is about 75klm from The Entrance and expecting another good day but only about 21.  And came across the sea baths there which are apparently one of the biggest in Australia.

Lovely view from across the road where we parked the car.

Amazing path/road in the distance going up that hill.

The large salt pool.

The smaller salt pool running across the end of the larger one.

Picture obviously of both pools.

And still can't help myself with the zoom. Could see many seagulls way out in the water and thought I would have a look and take a snap. I think I can just see one or two fins which could belong to sharks or dolphins.

The original salt water pool which is just a fenced part of the sea, so sandy bottom and tidal. We went to find the information centre as the man likes to see what other things we can visit but after over 1hrs walk and no sign of it apart from a road sign, we found out it had closed....... 

Then we drove on over to check our Redhead beach just out of Newcastle where they had this wonderful beach sign fall  of warnings. Despite all of these warnings there were a few people in the water. They must like sharks lol.

View across Redhead beach.

View from the other way, gorgeous day.

Oh and a little sea daisy for you to enjoy, well there HEAPS but just got this one.
Off back to the van for the night.

Here are the Liqueurs we bought. A wonderful Gin, tasted fantastic, nothing like those cheapies. The lemon myrtle was great too and he recommended straight up with ice or tonic water.  And the man's favourite, short black which is coffee beans and really just tasted like a short black with a bit of sweetener. Lovely.

Now these are the 2 wines, which as you can see is Lemon wine and a Blackcurrant and Coffee wine. 2 very different tastes, but we like lol.
Now for a bit of fun here is my little Doll Mishap sitting up on the railing with a small rubber bat and my special cushion of Jack Skellington from Nightmare before Xmas. I like different things and these guys travel with us.  While the man was out an about on one of the days he came across a shop he thought I would like. 
And here is the little girl we purchased, her name is Vile-ette, isn't she sweet lol. And if not to your taste I fully understand. I have 2 other's of this type of doll back home and they are out of their boxes and hang out in my old doll's cot, but this one we think we will keep in the box as they can become a rather expensive collectors item.  Hope I have not scared anyone way.
Thank you for visiting and also for the comments I have been getting. It's nice to share our travels and the crafty things I can do in between. take care and tomorrow we are thinking of checking out "Gathering of the Clans" at Norah Head, so should be great ♥☺

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