Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Gathering of the clans and now home

Last Saturday......gosh has it really been that long??? I have been a bit crook since getting back so here is my end to our trip to The Entrance.  Yes, last Saturday we went to the gathering of the clans a Scottish festival at Norah Head. The flags were raised and it was a beautiful day, although I was at the beginning of some hideous flu/cold lol.

Got to love the kilts and marching up and back.

Bagpipes really are beautiful and I find it quite moving hearing them, perhaps it is the way back Scottish link in me ☺☺

There was a good crowd and they played and marched for almost an hour, having to weave back through each other once the reached one end of the arena area.

There was even some great crochet and knit items.

Tried haggis once when quite young but have not repeated lol.

Fantastic armour helmets.

And many swords.

How cute are the dolls and the teddies.

Lots of kilts to be had. Was a great morning and our final thing to do, before we packed up and headed on back home. Took 2nights to get back and by then I was real crook and ended up staying in bed for roughly 36hrs. All good now and was able to head out yesterday (Friday) to catch up with family.

Drove down Melbourne way to catch up with my bro in law for his birthday for some yummy yum cha. Also with my sis in law and ma in law. They are actually ex in laws, but we like each other so still get to catch up which is extra neat ☺☺♥

There he is, not a great shot but at least I have got one shot of each us.

Yep, ma in law.

Sis in law (its her mum and hubby)

The man trying to ignore my camera lens.

Oh yeah and the self portrait of me, and I look way better than I looked a few days before lol lol.
Good lunch, great fun catching up. Going to see them again in October for ma's 80th, special occasion for sure.

This is the bird outside Gumbuya park which we pass whenever we go down to Melbourne and back. Doesn't he look great.  Last year someone bombed the poor bird and blew up the rear end and they thought would not be able to repair, but a clever group of locals got together and have him looking better than ever. gumbuya park

Was a beautiful full moon too last night so just had to get a snap, but this is with the old camera so may try again tonight with the new big boy.
Hope everyone is keeping well and have not missed me too much or at all maybe?? lol
take care xo

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