Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fun in the park and off to the movies

It was the last day that Batty was going to be staying with us, so as the man was on night shift we headed to our local park which is huge, with bbq's and quite a bit of undercover if needed.

For the little people and bit of a maze which of course they can get out by just ducking under lol.

There he is at the teenrager section having fun on a spinning bike. Not Granny though ol

This park also has on the 4th Sunday a miniature railway link here with quite a few little engines and the kids get to ride on the back. Today they were just giving one a bit of a check over and a run to get ready for this coming Sunday, but of course Batty will not be here then.

Here they come ☺☺ of course I love trains too.

Hanging out on the webbing and making a few friends.

About to go on the flying fox and watching the little engine from a distance.

Got to love that zoom as this is how far away I was, he is way off past all of the equipment in front of me.

The train enthusiasts took it in turns as to who road around the track.

Sitting watching and making friends myself with a crow.

Fun with another boy and his mum.

A bit more playing while I did a little crochet then headed off to....

The cinema's in the next town, 15 mins away.

He decided he wanted to see this, but not the 3d version. hotel transylvania  He has ghoulish interests just like his Granny lol.
Hanging out with the group ☺☺

Movies about to start so got this snap lol. I drove him back on Thursday and while down visited my mum briefly, then my sister for the night then back home, roughly 450klm's covered. Back home to the man who is still doing night shift even tonight, followed by another 5 day shifts then a couple more night shifts. So a few quiet nights for me and getting on with that granny stripe.

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