Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Easy hotdog bread

You have seen me make dough before, but came up with an interesting idea for hot dog in bread as have seen them in bakery's. So threw the ingredients together.

Mixed by spoon then left to rise to double.

The hot dogs waiting to join the dough.

Using part of the dough, formed and longish flat piece.

Sprinkled requested grated cheese over.

Place the hot dogs on the cheese.

Rolled up over the cheese and hot dogs.

Ready for the oven with a mix of sesame and poppy seeds.

The rest of the dough made into a great loaf and off to rise then into the oven.

All nicely cooked, see some of the cheese oozed out.

Cut a piece to show what it looks like and handed one to......

The hungry fella Batty (my special name for him) and loved it very much. Plenty left so he had more and even some for another day ☺☺


  1. What a great idea, I just make boring old rolls....

    1. Yes some simple additions can make a difference lol


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