Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The wedding and family fun

Last Friday I had a family wedding to attend. The weather had been looking pretty dismal and this was being held in Sorrento virtualsorrento at the seaside so chance of pretty cold winds were on the cards. But as luck would have it the weather was cool, but rain stayed away and the view was lovely over the sea.
Here comes the Groom!! Adam.

Waiting with his younger brother Luke, who is also taller, funny how that happens with siblings lol.

Here comes the bride Lyndall and her Dad.

A nice close shot, very pretty.

The ceremony with the sea as the backdrop, nice.

Proud parents of the groom, my brother Robbie and sister in law Lynn.

The words and rings exchanged.

My sister and bride's Auntie (with longer hair), who later was pretty good dancing around a pole lol.

My dear Mum up congratulating the couple.

The signing.
A nice pic of my Mum who is 87 and my sister Julie.

Julie's youngest boy Murray and his gorgeous wife Jaime ☺

My brother's daughter Meagan and hubby Peter with baby Emily.

There oldest boy William, don't you love his model stance.

And his younger brother Alexander, what beautiful eyes he has ☺

And my girl Sarah with the baby Emily.

The kissing couple, lovely xo
Ah and here is me with my man Paul.

The bridal table, Adam and Lyndall.

Luke and his stunning wife Reshelle.

There is Jaime again, beautiful.

Brothers, Brent and Tony, they are my sisters boys ☺

My son Frank and his beautiful partner Fiona.

My sister's oldest boy Chris on the left and Sarah with her much loved brother Rex (my oldest boy).
He lives a long way away from us and we just love having fun with him.

My sister's 2nd boy Tim and his lovely wife Donna.

The proud parents again, Robbie and Lynn.

Ohhhh cuddles lol.

My sister who hates the camera and her hubby Carl xo

Oh, so what is this???

Oh yeah, nothing like a bit of pole dancing lol.

Yep, there is the brides Auntie who was real glad there was another mad person joining the family lol.

whooo hooo!!

Robbie and his bro in law Ron.

My baby boy Ray and his gorgeous girl Lauren.

Robbie and Carl.

And my awesome foursome together. Sarah is my oldest and smallest lol, then Rex on the left,
Frank in middle back and Ray on the right.
Well it was a fantastic night and that is all of my brothers children married. He has 3 children and 5 grandchildren.  My oldest sister has 2 daughters. My 2nd sister has 5 boys and 3 grandchildren. I have 4 children and 2 Grandsons, oh and a little granddaughter I have acquire via my son's girlfriend, she calls me Granny and that is mighty fine with me and they are expecting early december to, so yay. So plenty of us and we had a younger brother who we miss very much. Hope you have enjoyed the snaps of this fun time event. xoxoxo


  1. I love weddings... they are such joyous occasions and this one seemed to be a lot of laughs!

    1. Thankyou!! and it was an absolute ball lol lol.


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