Friday, September 14, 2012

Interesting vegetables and crochet lens cover

How interesting do these vegetables look!!  Have read about purple potato's and carrots before but never tried them.  So, thought I would pick up one of each for us to have with some chicken wings.

Prepared them with Rosemary and Garlic and a hint of oil. When cutting them we both had a sniff and even though they look like beetroot, which the man hates, they smelt just like a carrot and potato lol.

The man had prepared a Thai beef salad earlier in the day link here which we had already sampled and was yum and thought we would also have a bit of that with the meal.

Cooked wings and the purple potato and carrot, very very nice indeed. Give them a go if you don't mind looking at the wrong colours lol.

I thought it was about time I improved my lens cap for the new camera which you can see is a cut down stubby holder. Those who don't know a stubby holder is what you put your cold can or stubby (small bottle) of beer in to keep cold whilst drinking it ☺☺

Picked some leftover variegated wool and hook.

Looking down on the lens cap cover now glued to the stubby piece.

And another view to show I left room so it will fit nicely on the camera lens.
A nice rest from doing that blanket that is consuming me.
Hope you all have a good weekend, I am off to visit my Mum and also see my girl too ♥

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