Thursday, October 4, 2012

Grass is mowed and a bit of crochet

Well don't know what got into me yesterday but was up at 6am!! I don't do mornings lol But got a chance to see the fog rolling is spring here

And the poor little daisy's who will be mowed over today as 2 days of no rain finally has me thinking, get on with it.

And not very exciting but here is the grass mowed, but still some daisy's left ☺☺ and look my shadow lol. The day really was turning into a ripper and this was still before 8am!!

A bit of crochet was done, a headband using this old thread pattern jackolantern which is a bookmark but I used 8ply, with a 5mm hook.

Can you see the little pumpkin face?  I chose pink because my son's partner likes pink, hope she likes the head band ☺☺

And look what a great day it turned into, the gum trees are loving it. Got to about 22 today so nice day for all the walking I did with the mower then down to the post office.

Another bit of crochet was for my ex ma-inlaw. A simple half double crochet scarf in her favourite colour, blue with a hint of purple, I know she will like this.

Today is another beautiful day and again it is not even 8am, I am on a role with getting up earlier lol. I am waiting to see if my sister Julie is going to visit today, she lives almost 2hrs away from me so will be lovely if she does get here. ☺☺♥


  1. Thanks for visiting :0)
    I used to update my blog a lot and then it was dormant for a fair wee while. I am aiming for 2 - 3 times a week at the moment.

    This post has reminded me that I want to make some bookmarks...I'll add it to my list ;0)

    1. You are welcome!! At least bookmarks are quick ☺☺


  2. What an interesting pattern, great for Halloween! I just love these little glimpses into your Aussie life :)

    1. Thankyou and I love halloween although here not celebrated as much as I would like.
      Thanks for dropping in.



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