Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quiet weekend ☺☺

How is the weather where you are?  Spring is here with only 2 nice days so far and the rain is back lol
But at least I finally got that mowing done, hate it when it gets too long......
                      I did also have a lovely road trip down to catch with a couple of crochet
                        and knit buddies who I got to know through
                              Certainly worth the almost 4hr road trip, lovely people they are ☺
But of course I get to warm up while still working on this, need to get a move on so I actually have more to show on Tuesday!!

Also working on this, testing a pattern for the lovely Laughing purple another Ozzie who makes lots of interesting things.

Yep, the road is still not completed!! Awaiting final seal and 2 speed humps. Reckon those who like to short cut through our little street will get a lovely surprise lol.

Will leave you with this fun pick from a blog ba-gawks and she has lots of little hats for her chickens ☺☺ cute eh? and they seem quite happy about it.
Hope your weekend is going good. Daylight saving kicked in here today (clock forward 1hr) and the man on night shift so he currently sleeping.
take care xoxo


  1. Hi Wendy ... Have just found you via Teresa's blog .. always good to meet another Aussie !! Your crochet is lovely - beautiful colours in your blanket, and I just love that chicken with the hat !! I'll add you to my blog list and look forward to more of your posts. xox

    1. Oh, thankyou Dorothy. The chicken is hilarious ☺
      Have added your blog to mine too. Devon Rex cat, that would be lovely to have.


  2. It is so lovely yet strange that we all converse and have a common love when we live in such varying environments and seasons! Here I am hoping the weak October sun will dry the grass just enough so it can be mown, probably the last mow of the season. The autumnal colours are all around us!

    1. It is!! We get to travel the world without leaving home and make friend all over the place ☺☺♥


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