Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One a day Tuesday

Yes another week gone by and I have actually done a bit more on the granny stripe.
Bit of a blurry pic as had it on the washing line and wind kept blowing lol.

A more distant shot, have now done 5 repeats of colour.
Granny stripe pattern from Lucy at Attic 24 granny-stripe Feel free to check out the one a day Tuesday at gingerbreadgirl-carole thankyou again Carole ☺☺

Just to show I have been doing other things, here is never-ending-blanket-square from Deb's crafts a great easy pattern. Sewed in the ends last night and is now in the mail to one of my ravelry friends for a project where quite a few of us are doing a square for a blanket to be put together for an expectant rav member ☺☺

Also knocked up this cake which I took with me to the meet up with other rav ladies (which I mentioned in last post). A low fat Raspberry loaf from cookbook number 6 symplytoogood. Tasted better than the picture turned out lol.

Oh and a nice picture of one of my sisters. The one who usually has her back turned or hand up to hide her face, silly Jule lol lol.


  1. I LOVE the granny stripe colours!

  2. Oh yes! Your blanket will be better and better. The granny is similar to some of mine when I started at OaDP - TT. Like it. Greetings from Germany. Sabine.

  3. Gorgeous colours for your granny stripe, that cake looks delicious. Have a good week. Deb x

    1. Thankyou. You have a great week too ☺☺


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