Thursday, October 11, 2012

Family get together

Had a few birthdays happening this week so thought we would all get together at Hogs Breath cafe
as we like their steaks. And here is the man's little girl who we often call Missy ☺☺

The man himself chatting with dear daughter. He was shouting the meal and drinks for all ☺☺

My son and his pretty partner and her little girl Misty who calls me Granny, neat.
Not a great pic though.

Oh yeah, here are those two gorgeous grandson's, got to love the faces they can pull for Granny's pics. lol.

Their mum, my lovely daughter Sarah.

My youngest boy with his beautiful partner, cute couple ☺☺

What is this???

Oh yes, Ray feeding lol lol lol.
Had a great night and no other pics taken, think I was too busy talking and eating and just enjoying all of their company. The man's 2 son's could not come, one lives just as far as us away from where we met and we stayed the night in a motel to save the drive home till morning. Also my nsw boy of course not there either.

Now this is what the ray feeding was all about!! A place not far from where we ate and here is ozsharkandray link.  We did not go in as wanted to head on home, but looks interesting if you are into sharks and rays.

Ah ha, the man's other son who lives near us, came around the next night to enjoy a meal with us, steak and wedges cooked by me and the man.
Always good catching up with family. Heading down to see my mum tomorrow, hope the hail which is hitting here is not around tomorrow. HATE driving in rainy/hailing times.
thank you for visiting again too here ☺☺

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