Tuesday, October 16, 2012

One a day Tuesday, but have done more on this!

Ok this is not the granny stripe, but, I have been working on it and will show a pic further down, but it had to wait while I continued on this. The fishie bag holder test for the lovely lady over at laughingpurple Sharon, she has really neat patterns over there.
So it became a major part of my one a day this week. Link to carole at gingerbreadgirl

I call mine Fishie the catfish, although not exactly looking too catlike but I like lol. This is her lying flat.

And now hanging stuffed, neat eh?? ☺☺I think this would hold over 100 plastic bags!! Or if not into using plastic, rags is another good idea.
Ok, so here is the granny stripe still growing sideways and over halfway for sure, but I did only manage 5 rows so hang my head in shame lol.

I do love these colours although in person they are much nicer.
Now seeing as I was in my bedroom taking all of those snaps thought I would show you the neat Nightmare catcher that was given to me over 20yrs ago (yes I like weird stuff) I have so many "different" things around the house which I have either bought or been given by my family ☺☺

And I have of these, one on either side of the bed given to me by my oldest boy roughly 10yrs ago, can you also see the tiny sticker on the post, that is a glowing skull head. Hope again I have not scared anyone off, I really am nice just love these type of things to decorate around the home. Luckily the man here indulges my likes as not something he is really into but he loves me ☺☺
Hope you week is going well wherever you are. xo


  1. Fishy is just brilliant!
    I honestly don't think I could sleep with a skull on my bedpost, but then again I'm a complete wuss! :)

    1. Oh Sue that gave me such a chuckle (the wuss part) lol. thanks for visiting again ☺☺

  2. 5 rows is great, more than what I've managed. The first project is so much fun, great way to keep your bags tidy. Have a good week. Deb x

  3. You are doing great with your 5 rows. That catfish is just too funny. It must make you smile when you need to grab a plastic bag.

    Hugs from Holland ~

    1. So far this week I have done NONE lol need to get on with it. And thankyou for visiting again ☺☺

  4. wow fish is really cool. I really like your stripe blanket, the colours are so pretty.
    Im not so sure about the skull next to the bed i think it would frighten me when i woke up and it was glowing. (I'm a bit of a wimp like that)

    1. thankyou and I laughed with the wimp comment, fully understand lol. thanks for dropping by. ☺☺

  5. That is the best fishy bag holder I have ever seen! In fact it is the only fishy bag holder I have ever seen! Now I have the wantsies. xxx


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