Sunday, November 4, 2012

Coolangatta holiday continues

Hello again, thought I would share the professional photo's done by the varying theme parks that we have had enormous fun at. Here is 2 of our boys in the front loving tower of terror 2 lol.

The four of us on Superman where at least my screaming looked like I was loving the 0-100klms in 2 seconds lol.

All of us again on a ride I do not like at all, in the dark, rough and part of it backwards. Scooby do. I would rather ride Superman lol.

The 2 boys in the front on the left (blue) enjoying the green lantern which we did not ride at all ☺☺

Yep the ride I hate, only went on again once for the pic and my boy had since flown back home, so only the 3 of us.

Just the 3 of us back on superman  and I now love this ride even though you do lift up as you go over the incredible rises. Got to see that poor crow real close too flying out of it's nest.

A kiddies roller coaster so easy going on the roadrunner ☺

Just those 2 crazies with me keeping cool in the gift shop area instead.

And a dark snap of them enjoying father son time on the dodgem lol.
We loved all of the parks we visited and my boy and his are both back at their relevant homes now so just down to the 2 of us. We may go back for one day of riding, but have some family/friend time to catch up on too. ☺☺♥
The view from our balcony in the first week with zoom of surfers which was roughly 24klm's away from our place in Coolangatta. Weather has been a lot cooler than what we really expected but we did not mind at all.

Even got to see a whale of  2 most days in the first week but not so easy getting a picture, but at least got this one ☺

I got a lot of pictures like this one, so would have you all thinking I saw nothing lol lol.

We have now moved down the road for this week, with where we were staying is one of the high rise buildings in the distance. We were on 15th floor and now on 3rd so no view of the sea, but that is okay as we are away on holiday and the fun is still happening ☺

Picture facing the other way on the balcony.

This place has a spa bath so that is a good reason to have a nice long relax ☺☺

Our bedroom.

The other bathroom with washing machine and dryer too.

Guest room if any other's join us.

The kitchen will full oven, dishwasher and full fridge, also microwave too.

The man checking emails/banking at the table.

And here is what goes on when you stay so close to a border where 1 state does not apply day light saving. This is at the RSL Tweedheads where they are in nsw but apply the qld time for opening and closing the time on the left hand  side of pic. So as you could imagine you could be late if heading nsw and live in qld side lol. Hope you all enjoy joining us on this holiday as much as we have ourselves. Have already caught up with 2 close friend's and seeing them again tonight (sunday) and also on Monday night and  my sister and bro-inlaw who I will be seeing again wednesday and my niece also, good fun times to be had.
take care and drop in again anytime, love reading the comments left.
Coolangatta link if wanting to have a looky. 
And if ever in the area of Worongary check out this awsome takeaway place and can eat there too Uncles and can check them out on facebook too here uncles on facebook they are only 15 klm's from the theme parks and have on/off exit's/entrances to freeway so quick easy, cheaper and as they say fresh ☺☺☺

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  1. Oh my, you are so brave. I totally piked out on those rides when we went last year.


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