Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On holidays in Coolangatta and the one a day tuesday at the end

We headed off on Wednesday morning where the day was lovely and sunny. Came across a lot of motorbikes heading the other way and figure they must have been heading to Philip Island for a bike meet. Of course we were heading away from Victoria.

The Monaro highway, the way we go to get through nsw and into Queensland. 

Even got to glimpse snow on the mountains in the distance called "the snowy mountains" the-monaro-highway/

Whilst held up with roadworks I snapped this little dam and noticed a bit of activity.
So I used the good old zoom and here is the bird I saw.

Think it may have caught a frog or something like that, happy bird.

There was a lot of haze along the way further into nsw due to many fires that have been around.

Think I took this snap of driver on our 2nd day travelling.

Stopped off at honey world for a bit of a look. It was really hot here to, roughly 34deg celc so we were glad we had the air con lol.

Lots of bees at work.

No time to stop for this one, The big banana in Coffs Harbour.

Plenty of bananas here.

Major roadworks to make the trip quicker along nsw and Queensland.

More banana's and see the bags they cover them with to protect the growing fruit?

We both like macadamia's so stopped off the pic up a small variety of mixed flavours, yum.

The castle.

Finally arriving in Coolangatta where it was about 27deg cel, nice.

Getting closer to our accommodation. Where we quickly unpacked as I had one of my son's flying in to join us for a few days.

Here he is, just off his flight from nsw to enjoy some fun time with his mum (me) ☺☺

A few hours later, we picked up one of the man's boys who was also coming for a few extra days from Victoria, he lives near us back home.

The view from our room balcony.

First fun day of going to theme parks and we called in at Sea world link/ for a look.

My favourite roller coaster the sea viper, good fun.

jet rescue which I did not go on as had that experience once before and not a big fan lol.
They got to ride up the front so were very happy.

The son's in front on edge of pic and them man right behind them.

They now have a dinosaur island at Sea world which has many and some interactive too.

Of course I had to get a touristy shot in of them lol.

Onto Movie world, and able to do all the parks as we bought yearly so can pop in and out of as many as you like.

Superman ride, love the Adrenalin of this one. ride

Now this is the interesting part, a crow has built a nest here, see the twigs??
And yes where you can see the roller coaster is right where that next is lol.
There is the crow flying back to nest. It gets disturbed roughly every 10mins all day, crazy bird.

A new ride the green lantern. green-lantern The two boys road this one a few times.

In these next few shots they are in the front, go boys lol Blue t-shirt.

Whooo hoooo
Spied this swimming lizard, cute eh.

Oh yes, there is batman lol.

Different themepark now, Dreamworld where there is some amazing rides and animals too.
Getting ready for The Claw..... The-Claw

Up they go!!

The tigers are great to see and they have two young tigers. Not really babies anymore but a lot smaller than the adults there with the keepers.

Good comparison shot of sizes ☺

Just chilling out on a nice day.

Tower of terror with the boys in the front seat, just managed to snap as coming back down very fast.ride where you ride up backwards then drop forwards.

Another new ride, the buzz saw, need to look at this buzz

They are in the back heading up.

going through the twist, very hard to take pick with the sun also up there lol.

The motorbike ride with them in the front again.

The three of them going on the shock wave ride I was not a fan, so only went on once lol.

They are in the front part of picture.

Buzz saw again with them way up there lol.
And the blanket continues, managed to do quite a bit on the trip up. My one a day tuesday.

Getting there.

A angry bird game pig which I made for my son as he loves the game. He was very happy with it.

Eyes are a bit crazy but happy with it myself too.
Well hope everyone is going well where you are and don't know how much posting I will do over the next week depends on the lengthy time to download pics.
take care. ☺☺♥♥



  1. You have funny pictures of a funny trip I think and your blanket is going on. That's great. Hope you have a great week! greetings from germany. Sabine.

    1. Thankyou Sabine, It is fun and love getting more of the blanket done, thankyou for visiting again too ☺☺

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time, your blanket is coming along a treat too. Deb x

    1. It is heaps of fun, thanks Deb for dropping by xo

  3. What a great trip, feeling slightly jealous over here! I totally love your angry birds pig, he's crazy eyes suite him perfectly :) Your granny stripe is looking good too.

    1. Thankyou Elle, it is fun and yes those eyes are what my 33yr old son loves lol.


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