Sunday, November 25, 2012

Exciting time!!! The arrival of a grandson.

Well the recipient of this blanket has arrived!!! A new grandson for me, RILEY, and of course I am biased, he is very cute lol.

The proud Mummy and Daddy with their just born little guy. I even had the pleasure of being at the very quick birth ☺☺

A silly tiny hat I crocheted the night before.

Close up of the minutes old Riley.

Wearing that little hat and having his first feed.

A cuddle with his big sister Misty ♥♥

Cuddle with me, Granny♥☺

Another hug with Misty after she had drunk some red drink lol.

Oooh and aunty Sarah dressed him ♥☺
It was an amazing time and wonderful to be there, can't wait to visit him again.
Been a little while since I posted but as you can see I have been doing other things lol.
See you again soon xoxoxo


  1. Congrats Wendy! He is adorable as is Misty!

    Kay Phillips

  2. We are so lucky! What a lovely day ! I am having Riley withdrawals ;-) awww you have Ripley as your profile pic :-) xoxoxoxo

    1. He is mega cute, loving the pics on fb ♥♥

  3. congratulations to the family. Heavens continue to bless and lighten your family, especially your angels.
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