Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Road bumps, bad gardening and lovely crochet

Yes finally after months and months the road works are complete and humps are in, much to the horror of those who like to speed on through this tiny street. Before they painted the humps, there were plenty who it the first one, way to fast, despite the 20klm sign. Now they are painted, our street is safe for the few little people who live here and much quieter. 
Thought I would zoom in on the sign up the road, from our front garden. 
And this is what happens when you go away often. Would you believe this is parsley with the lavender!! I may need to attack it with hedge trimmer......

Another shot, different angle and you can see parsley has also got in amongst the rhubarb which has also gone crazy. 
The strawberries are coming along nicely too, although much weeding needing to be done. Raining today, so there is another day of not lol.  
But I have been doing a bit of crochet. This is going to be a matching scarf/cowl for mum for xmas to go with these really neat fingerless mitts. 
A wonderful easy pattern, quick to make even if you are slow like me, thank you to the wonderful Sharon over at laughingpurplegoldfish and being tested right now and available FREE through ravelry link in December. 
Obviously me wearing one to show how neat they are. I used stylecraft dk wondersoft Merrygoround and it is acrylic but incredibly SOFT. Mum will love these but must not let her see here as surprise for xmas. She loves the fingerless mittens that I have made so will be real happy with a new pair.
Hope you are keeping warm/cool where ever you are, it has been hot here but today raining and dark, typical Aussie weather for gippsland. take care ☺☺


  1. Awwwwww Mum those mittens are Perfect for Nanny and oh so lovely with the soft wool! You are so talented! Only chance to get into garden will be today or part of tomorrow, i hear the temp rising to 38 tomorrow followed by nasty weather so hope you are staying home and off the road! Xoxoxoxo

  2. Thankyou gorgeous!! And I am at home till saturday ☺☺


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