Friday, November 30, 2012

Xmas swap, crochet and grandkiddies

Just had to share on my blog this gorgeous pic of baby brother and sister, really beautiful ☺☺ 
And here he is hanging out on the granny stripe I made for him!! Look at those little jeans, he is 1 week old today and I get to see him and Misty on Sunday, so I am a little excited ☺☺ 
Over on Ravelry I was in a Xmas swap where you needed to crochet at least one item so here is what I made/bought for my swap partner. A cowl crocheted, 2 stars crocheted, some tea, some lollies, some earring, a little tipple, some fabric and beads. She loved what she got so that made me very happy ☺☺ 
And look at what I got from my swap partner, gorgeous girl she is, a crochet bat, mini vampire, 2 balls of wool, cute little tree deco's, also some crochet candy cane holders, 2 teas (sipping the forest blend now yum), crochet mitts (like the ones I have shown here) black, purple fabric with little orange stars and black bats and some cute little fingernail adornments with skull/cross. She knows what I like lol, love it all.  I kind of love purple and black and Goth type things even though I am now 55, get weirder the older I get ☺☺ 
The scarf I am making for mum to go with the fingerless mitts I made for her for Xmas.
And if your interested the pattern is now available for free from Ravelry challenge-mitts by laughingpurple thank you again Sharon xo ♥♥ 
Another pair I have made in purple cotton/merino blend for a 30th I am going to Saturday night. 
I added some silver beads and a couple of stars, I hope she likes them and the little perfume I have for her.
You will be glad to hear I have attacked some of the garden and now have more herbs in the back garden, tomatoes, zucchini and lettuce. Will show pic's once grown a bit.
But of course hope to be back with more grand baby pic's next week. May you have a good weekend, we are going on a toy run gippy toy run where you donate gifts for kids. Have not ridden on the back of our motorbike for 2yrs so a little apprehensive, not to mention worried about my draggin jeans which are a little tight lol, oh well all for a good cause.
take care everyone ♥☺♥

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