Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Xmas toy run motorbike ride, baby etc

As I said last post we went on the xmas toy run which meant I had to pluck up nerve to get on the back of the motorbike....eek, but I did, go me lol.

Here is our motorbike and had a lot of fun riding to the gift giving town.

Other more fancy bikes with a teddy which obviously was going to be a gift.

Time for a beer, much earned and helps me get back on the bike lol.

Some of those indian runner ducks, cute eh??

Oh and this scarf I have been working on for AGES, and is for my sis inlaw who recently had her birthday. Guess doing so many other crochet items, staring at Ravelry, meeting a grandson, does take you away from what you need to get completed lol

Threw in some more herbs, corriander, sage, basil, thyme for the back garden with some zucchini, hope the man does not sabotage the zucchini as he is not overly fond of that lol.

Tomatoes and more basil being friendly together, well I hope they help each other out.

Some Lettuce but given the recent cold temps and heaps of rain, may not survive, but I am hopeful, apparently going to be high 30's on saturday!!! celcius that is. 

And here is the little man himself having a wake time and staring at the world ☺☺

Oh Grandpa...... well my man is not directly related to this little guy, but because he is with me that makes him a Grandpa right??

Oh and this is the big sister doing a smile for me lol Think she may hate this one when older lol

And lying in my arms, so relaxed this little man is and was wonderful to see him in person again.
May you all have a wonderful week and back again soon ♥♥

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