Monday, December 10, 2012

Mum, a little seahorse and getting ready for xmas.

Oh how much she loves knowing I put her pic's on my blog lol. Love you mum and here she is enjoying lunch when I went to take her xmas shopping, for 88 this lady sure knows how to shop!! I was exhausted for days lol.

Took a couple of snaps when we hit the big city Melbourne, just for mum. She LOVES myers and this is just a small part of their perfume area ready for xmas.

There was 2 buildings of myer across the road from each other, but one has been pulled down to make way for an even bigger one.

An arcade she used to love to go through.

This is central melbourne, not very exciting but she loves this clock so enjoys seeing the pictures.

Now I decorate a little different to most for xmas but here is a small sample with those gorgeous stars that I got from a dear Ravelry friend, thankyou Julie, the dragon's are very happy lol.

Also one of the candy cane holder's she made me, gorgeous.

We have this tiny little tree which is battery run and has little lighting up section's. Also another tree but the bulb has keeled over so another on order and I have just decorated it, but pic did not turn out well so will take another.

Oh yes and here are my special doll's teddy's all ready for xmas with their little hats I made a few years ago and the little bat in the corner was given to me by the lovely laughingpurplegoldfish who always has such fun things on her blog and also  patterns available on ravelry.

Here is her latest, test pattern to be released in jan sometime. flotsam-the-fascinating-seahorse where I am currently attempting this, honing my skills or lack of lol.
How have you all been, think sometimes I am posting less, then other times rave on heaps lol.
Take care and my all be wonderful in your part of the world.

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