Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pizza making

The weather around here has been crazy, one day 37 Celsius (98.6f), then the next 20 Celsius (68f)!!!
Got to love Ozzie weather especially in Victoria. And I live in a part where it can rain a LOT. Even when other area's of Vic were having the drought we still got plenty of rain but not as much as usual. The man went on night shift so I though I would knock up some homemade bread as had really been slack in the baking of late, trying to get some Xmas stuff done, you know how that is.
So put together the dough and kept a piece to make me a nice seafood pizza (he is not keen on this type) and as home alone and finally a cool night.

Threw some slices of garlic, grated cheese (lower fat type).

Cut up some hoki fillet (fish), put a few raw prawns, green capsicum, dusting of hot cayenne pepper ( I like spicy) and a few mixed herbs and into the oven for about 25mins.

There it is, looking as Jamie would say RUSTIC lol. It was a small (roughly bread plate) size and could not even it the whole thing, but was wonderful and will do again perhaps with some red onion slices too.

On the hooking front I am working on this for one of my son's for Xmas, so won't say unless he looks but I think he may guess as I have made a few other types of this game for him before and he loves them. I have also been making quite a few other items but again better not show lol.
I will be back again soon but for now
Just want to leave ♥♥  for all
 I can't even imagine the pain and grief
Nothing more to say
Hugs to all of my readers

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