Wednesday, December 19, 2012

First ever manicure!!

 Here is a wonderful Doona cover I got for the man and me (wish I looked like her) for Xmas for our bed, love this, hanging on the line and will be on the bed for when my boy from nsw (another state in Oz) visits this Sunday night. Picking him up from the airport and a bit of visiting Nanny, meeting baby Riley (can't wait to see him again myself) and back here for a night a roughly 500klm trip and think it is going to be real hot again, hideous. 
Pinched this pic of my daughter's fb page, she won't mind.
Her and baby Riley, so cute and she said she could not stop kissing him lol.
Yes first ever manicure at the ripe age of 55yrs!! And thought why not go for something really different for me, black and purple nails and even have my toes to match lol.

Close up and this includes one of the gifts I got from my friend on ravelry Julie, thankyou I love these and will reapply those skulls often ☺☺♥♥ I get stranger the older I get lol.

A sneak at a bit of what I have been doing but can't really show as gifts for Xmas.

Now this guy is a gift but don't know if my ds reads this very often, but that is okay if he See's as I am just real pleased with how it turned out, the Yellow angry bird.

Would not want to make this guy mad lol.
How are you all going with your Xmas making/shopping? I have a heap of cooking ahead of me and we won't have a family day till the weekend of 29/30th as the man is working over xmas so a quiet night for me here Xmas night with all my friend, me, myself and I lol.
Sending much love and hugs to all ♥♥☺☺

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