Friday, December 21, 2012

Xmas baking

Hello again! Well I have at least been doing something so have a few pic's. Not very exciting but for me it is amazing I did this much making/cooking in one day lol.
Mixed dried fruit with butter, rum and mixed spice.

Flour of course.

A couple of eggs, then beaten.

And I still can't believe I donated a whole cup of my beloved rum into this cake lol. My son arriving Sunday to stay one night loves this cake so hoping he will be very pleased I made it ☺

The end result, a nice boiled fruit cake. Recipe in a book called NMAA cooks and old nursing mum cookbook I have which would be roughly 30yrs old.

Then whipped up with more flour, cornflour too.

Some butter nicely softened.

Yep sugar which I grounded down to be like caster sugar.

To end up with these little shortbread's, with different faces ☺ Made about 40 so these should last if the man of this house stays away from them.

Then melted some of these yummy bars.

Threw in some rice bubbles (about 2cups worth) with a dash of cream.

Mixed it all up and formed into little balls and put into patty cases.

Little mars rice crackles, now living in the fridge also with a warning to the man not to eat them all lol.   How is you prep for Xmas shaping up? I have almost completed all pressie's and most are wrapped sitting under tree. Our family gathering is not till the following weekend and the man is working over Xmas so will be a weekend of partying here around the 29th.
Take care out there ♥♥

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