Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Like so many other's Merry Xmas & may 2013 bring a better year than the one before!!!

Oh yes, here is the little grand baby himself, Mr Riley, Merry Xmas everyone!!
With his Uncle Rex who was visiting from NSW.

Yes, this hat that Granny made, sent me to sleep lol and it was mega hot on Sunday so took it off pretty quick, well at least after the photo shoot.

Daddy (my number 2 son), Uncle Rex (number 1 son) and Mr baby Riley, cute lol.

And in the name and memory of my dear Dad and younger brother Andy a quiet Xmas drink......the man is on night shift so he is sleeping at the moment (3pm here) and will head off to work around 6ish.  Nice to remember those who are no longer here but so many wonderful/fun memories ☺☺♥
And just for something different, some planting I plan to do, some Olive herb which, apparently, taste's just like olives in salad and cooking, so a win win if you like Olives.
Love pig face because the little flowers are so bright and reckon my veggie garden which has become NON existent, can now become flowers and herbs only, I am good at that lol.

Yes more Rosemary, can't have tooooo much of that.

My wonderful Large Rosemary bush!!

And some Sage that has grown itself mixing in with Spearmint, all good as a nice cup of tea to pretend I am healthy lol.
May you all have a Merry Xmas with a better year ahead.
Take care ♥♥


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