Friday, December 28, 2012

Family visits and waiting on our xmas gathering tomorrow.

In my last post I showed my son Rex with baby Riley as he was visiting for Xmas to catch up with family ☺☺ I love watching aeroplanes taking off and landing so was more than happy to go pick him up and watch lol. The drive was a total of 800klm's over the 2 days I had him with me, but so worth it all ☺☺

Here is the plane he flew in on and I was very excited to be there.

There is REX!! Mum's are always excited to see their babies lol.

The man's little girl came over to see Rex too, not a great shot but the only 1 I took. Also her brother too, but no snaps of him, but will make up for the photo snapping of them this weekend as we are having our Xmas family gathering over this weekend. I have been doing lots of baking and getting ready, even mowed that hideous grass lol.

And the man himself looking rather serious lol lol.
Finally have our little train setup under the little Xmas tree. It is battery run and really cute and know that little Misty will love it when she visits for the night on Saturday. Actually most of them are staying this weekend, so will be lovely time for us all. Except for Rex who flys
 back, me not taking him this time and am feeling rather sad about it, but I had 2 full wonderful days with him.

But I get to see this little guy again and can't wait as he is also sleeping over. Of course have shown this pic before but just had to share again. Granny and Grandpa will have fun.
May you all have had a wonderful Xmas and new year ahead.

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