Monday, December 31, 2012

Wishing everyone a happy new year & our family xmas

Look at that sweet little face of my new grandson Riley. He came to stay for a night with his sister and mum and dad for our Xmas gathering over the weekend ☺♥

And here is the big sister Misty, beautiful blue eyes although this is not a very good shot of her, she is always on the go lol.

Here is his mum (again a bad shot lol) and dad in background.

Daddy my 2nd son ☺

The man himself with his youngest son.

And yes the man's daughter Julia, pretty girl.  

My girl Sarah having one of many cuddle times with baby Riley.

My oldest grandson Brandon ☺☺ Did not get a close shot of his younger brother Sebastian but he is at the table in later shots.

Of course babies need to eat/drink too lol.

A puzzle game I gave to the man called Heist and he still has not solved it, but got his boy to put all the pieces at least back in the frame that holds them. Apparently you have to  have the bullet looking bits alternating and combine with the jewels, 3 options of solving and none done yet. Usually he takes 15mins to solve a puzzle so this year I bought this bigger one and have him stumped so far lol ☺☺

Table getting set for the 10 of us (not counting baby) with everyone staying the night.

A better picture of Misty getting ready to eat.

Riley resting on his mat, he loves the little hippo I gave him.

Tucking in to the Wings, Ham, Roast pork, Coleslaw, Pasta salad and roast chat potatoes. That is Sebastian in the blue t-shirt. 
All happily eating.

I baked a loaf of bread day before and a few sampled this as toast for breakfast the next morning.

Lunchtime on the 2nd day when my youngest boy Ray and his pretty fiance' Lauren came for the day with their lovely black Labrador Roxy and whoops forgot to take a pick, was too busy patting her and enjoying all of the family ☺☺

Ray again with Lauren next to him. Everyone enjoying Pork, Ham, Roast Turkey roll, Smoked Salmon, Roasted chickens, salad again with roast potatoes done with Rosemary and garlic.
Never took a shot of all the wonderful slices, white Xmas, truffles, rum balls, hedgehog, mars bar slice, shortbread which Fiona brought and I also made so lots to be eaten. Also fruit cake heated with custard and cream and a chocolate Ripple cake.
And even Riley joined us at the table with Misty loving the Xmas cracker.

And a lovely way to finish this post with Lauren holding Riley, sweet.
Hope you all get to have a wonderful new years night and keep safe to enjoy the year ahead.
Thank you for visiting and hope you will drop by again.
Happy New year to everyone out there ♥♥

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