Saturday, January 5, 2013

A little crochet and catching up with friends

Hello again!! Been enjoying the new years feasting still lol, now of course I need to be a bit more picky about what I stuff  put in my mouth lol.
Here is another pair of those wonderful mittens by laughingpurplegoldfish sharon and on the right hand side of blog is the free pattern download.

I made this pair for my very long time friend Lanie for Xmas and she loved them. We have known each other since Kindergarten, well even birth as born in same hospital and our Nana's were both friend's so we even socialised in our pram's lol.
Thought I would have a go at this little free pattern so we could put small bits of soap in or even the many motel soaps we collect along the way for showering with. pampering-massage-soap-saver at moogly a little bag with bumpy bits on one side for massaging and other side smoother.  Used bendigo wool mills cotton bwm cotton with a bit of purple I had.
Very easy and saves from dropping small bits of soap down the plug hole.

Can hang from the shower head to dry and empty any time for a good thorough wash. Will make a few more then we can have his and hers lol.
Had lunch with the before mentioned long time friend Lanie on the right and our other friend Loo Loo (my name for her) we have know her since we were about16/17 so lovely to have these friends in my life. One lives roughly 2hrs from me and the other currently up in Qld another state of Oz.  Drove down to catch up for lunch and was a wonderful time, did not take pics of the eating lol
Another 1 of my lavender plants is thriving with lots of bees very happy it is there ☺

The bay tree just keeps on growing and growing now over 9feet tall. Anyone need some bay leaves???

The totally random Sage plant (grew itself) amongst my spearmint and is also thriving, nice cuppa tea right there......I love weird concoctions lol.

The mint on the other hand is just starting to come back from nothing. 

Those seedlings I planted of Coriander, Sage, Thyme and Basil. Great to have bits to pop into any of the meals I am cooking.

The one and only surviving Zucchini plant is just starting to look like little baby Zucchini's are coming. Hope to eat some before we are away again in mid February.

One of the many tomato plants, but this is by far the best looking but still quite mutant, don't really know what is wrong in the garden but the herbs are happy, so that is better than nothing.

And 2 lonely lettuce plants, hopefully we WILL get to eat them.
How is your garden going? Catching up with friend's in your part of the world?
Love visiting so many other blogs for inspiring crochet/fun and just general feeling that I have friend's world wide. Thank you again for visiting ♥♥



  1. Hiya Wendy, I love the gloves and the garden is looking lovely too. We are 6 months away at least from salad plants out doors! :( I am so glad you are Joining 'The grand Tea Swap' that will be fun. I cannot see your e-mail address for looking! Doh I am tired though! If you e-mail me your address I will add you to the list.

    1. Again thankyou for visiting my blog and take care ♥♥


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