Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The kitchen reno begins, crochet and cooking

The beginning of the kitchen renovation. Removal of ceramic floor tiles which would have been in this house since 1960+, so much fun ahead.....not.

The man started to remove from the eating area with a mini jackhammer.

The tiles also go into the kitchen area so is no small job and very hot work.
The Jackhammer and the floor getting a little clearer.

The rubble left over from the last bit done for now. He has to get as much adhesive off the slab which we will live with for quite a while. I must say the smell of these tiles was not nice, really like smelling rotten grass!!  Kitchen not going in till mid feb/march but with floor clear will be easier.
So to take my mind off it all and help the smells, decided to do a bit of bread baking. You have seen me do this quite a bit so sorry to bore anyone, but well I like the baking, my mojo is back lol.
A bit of a herb/cheese little loaf.

2 of the regular loaves we like and the toast is really lovely.

Should of added more cheese and herbs but was yummy anyway ☺

Ready for slicing and freezing.
So I also caught up on some crochet which, this one I have been working on for years, or should I say not working on. It is made with cooking twine/string and a 7mm hook from a book I have.

Never really block anything but figured this would need it so here it is on my foam board.
All blocked and rather pleased with myself as looking good.

Not a great pic but with the kitchen reno happening lighting not great. Going to give this to my sister who moved house a couple of years back, hope she likes it ☺

Do you remember me starting this little seahorse from the clever lady laughingpurplegoldfish Sharon. Well it should have been completed in December but well I got caught up in life.....
Well I made a few shortcuts and just added some punk/goth looks instead lol

There he is hanging out on our gate with some fur/wool as the frill section.
And don't look at next shot if you don't like Krypt Kiddie type dolls.

Here he is with one of my little dolls, she is Kitsune and said he did not need fins as she wanted to be able to just cuddle him, cute eh ☺

Now this may be more to crochet lover's liking. The Seraphina shawl which I have been sort of working on for years lol. The are a beautiful shawl, just like a bats wing ☺☺

Using some incredibly fine wool (possibly 2ply) which was gifted to me so taking my time with this one, wish me luck......

And got to do a bit of a tidy up with my stash and thought you may like to see most of the wool I have, especially the special dk stylecraft!!  Hope you are having fun in whatever you are doing. It has been incredibly hot here with a lot of fires throughout Oz and little Tassie. May the rain and cool weather help. Keep warm in the cooler places of the visitors here to my blog too.
take care xoxo


  1. I am sitting here looking at that pin in his little nose and feeling the ouch factor. LOL Brings back memories of my oldest daughter in her teens piercing everything in sight. The shawl is looking good. Pretty impressive stash you have going on there.

    1. Oh thankyou, only piercing I ever got is my ears and THAT was enough, but like the look of him lol


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