Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A short Post with a little crochet

Well here is something I really have been working on since 2010!! Can you believe that???? I was in a square a month with ravelry which really involved 2 squares each month. I got up to August by mid last year and just stopped......well some have decided we can give each other a push and complete these finally. Then I can have a blanket I have actually made for myself. This square is Flower burst available here

Decided seeing as I was on a role to tackle this one which you get to use lots of stitch markers (or if clever can just count), as you can see I used pins too lol.

I love one of my lego stitch markers, little skeleton face, cute.
So does this little guy, mr grandson 11. He has come to stay for a few nights and loves using my baby computer.

Ok a better shot of the smile. He goes home today so lots of driving for me lol, hence why I am a bit absent from here.

The completed square with the stitch markers used (to do the long bits like a scratch), pattern here available free at ravelry Really is a lot easier than it looks, but did have me concentrating lol.

And another square called enough love to go around which I had already completed but was real wonky so with a bit of reworking looking a lot better. Pattern creativepenny another great pattern.
Well that's it for now, have been doing a bit of gardening, but a LOT of driving as my mum has a hospital checkup every few months so between me and my sister we either take her or pick her up and stay a night or 2 at either end of visit. Also picked up the middle grandson for the 2nights and now he is heading back and mum may be out of hospital tomorrow so will pick her up while down.
She is doing very well considering she is heading for 88, whoops, sorry mum you don't always want everyone to know your age lol.
take care out there. xoxoxo


  1. This is going to be one beautiful blanket! I must admit you are more daring that I, the square with all the stitch-markers scared the heck out of me. :)
    Happy hooking!

    1. Thank's Andi, but really not that hard, just took my time lol, years lol.


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