Saturday, January 19, 2013

Kitchen reno continues and family times.

Well here is the wallpaper which looks like bricks and was on all walls in the kitchen and while I was on road trip to pick  mum up from hospital (ongoing treatment) and return one of my grandsons to his mum, the man decided this had to go and of course those ceramic tiles also on the floor.
Wallpaper has been removed from around doorway.

And also from around the area where we normally would have our table (which is living in the lounge for now). Also have moved the microwave, fridge and freezer over to where floor tiles have now been removed and will stay here till the new kitchen is installed.

There he is putting the curtain back for now with no wallpaper a huge difference already with the brightness in the room.  
Another shot of kitchen with the wallpaper still in room and the desk and bench.

We have moved the desk we had on the other side of bench where I kept all my teas on bench side and on the other it had 4 drawers with various kitchen things kept and is now down in spare bedroom.
The pantry which is getting demolished with all of our foodstuffs now going to be in our spare room till kitchen completed.
Here is where it all is at the moment, and I have sorted it all now to live on that desk which we relocated down to this room. Queen size bed now against the wall for more room too. 

There much tidier, but will be interesting when we cook as will be up and down the hallway lol, luckily this is not a very big house ☺☺ 

The last of the tiles, all smashed up and ready to be relocated to the rubbish tip.

The last of another pile, really is amazingly light in the kitchen now ☺☺

Here I am with my 11yr old grandson at the movies watching Madagascar lol.  

This is my gorgeous girl, his mum when I dropped him back home, she had had a sleep in and nice late shower ☺ 
This is one of their cats, the beautiful Dante' ♥♥

I then headed over to my sisters for the night as mum was staying in hospital an extra night and as I live 160klm's away did not think I would drive home to then return again, so a sleepover was the best idea lol. Here are 3 of her 4 girls, Isa brown chickens, rather pecky too I must say lol.

Baby zucchini's growing, wish my garden was like this, but then I have lots of good herbs instead ☺

This is my sister and one of her cats Jack, he normally has a lion's mane but because it is summer here and my goodness has it been bloody hot!! he loses the mane lol.

Would you believe this is Jack's sister Jill!!! Amazing eh, but think i may have featured them once before.

Those pecking chickens lol. 

And here is mum, back home at her place, not a great shot but was taken with my mobile phone, it was a really hot day 38 Celsius but reached 40 so she actually looked better than this shows. Stayed the night with her then hit the road again.

To drop in on this little man before my road trip home. Spent an hour at his mum and dad's place and got to hold him for quite a while, he is cute of course. This is my sister holding him so I could take a couple of shots ☺☺

Yes I took even more shots but won't bore you with mega overload of baby Riley, almost 2mths old ☺☺
Hope you are all good out there in cyberworld.  Been lots of fires around due to the high temperatures and hope those affected are keeping safe. And to those of you in the winter zones, keeping warm.
Be back again soon and hopefully some more crochet again.


  1. What a lovely 'newsy' post, I so love looking into other peoples lives. You could never bore me with 'Baby Riley'. Your family all look wonderful. You made me chuckle with the 'pecky' chickens lol. Mine look very similar and seem to be out of their pecky stage for now. When they take a running peck at the back of your leg though...ouch! I tell mine off when they do that! xxx

    1. Oh thankyou Lucy!!! Those hens are like some of yours and I love visiting my sis just so I can see them, although the pecking on bare feet can get out of hand lol. xoxo

  2. The Man is working very hard!! Will be Awesome Mum xoxooxoxoxoxox


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