Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fancy scissors, crochet square and smoke.

Look what I got for Xmas from my mum. Not one but 2 pairs of these fancy stork scissors!! Always wanted a pair but never got around to buying myself, so at almost 56yrs old happy with my stork scissors lol. ☺☺♥♥

Another crochet square from my effort for the squares in 2010 in completion on ravelry. Quite a pretty square too.

Nice close up shot of "falling star".

Another colour added, purple, grey and cream/white.
And completed which made me very pleased with myself and like the look of this one too. Only 5 more to go but will give myself a bit of a break I think as we are caravanning for a few days and might take something less brain concentrating.   lol

A final shot of the cleaned up floor ready for kitchen which wont be installed till early march. The man is going to do a bit of wall painting too. The solvent remover used had the most potent smell and with the weather rather warm and smokey had to keep doors shut for a while, but were both glad once we let some fresh air in later........
As I said, there are lots of fires happening in the mountain regions near us and as you can see was quite smokey the other day when I took this pic. 

Almost looks foggy or grey cool day, but is hot and smokey. Our hearts and thoughts are with the ones in the affected area's and to all the Fire brigades and volunteers out there. May the weather cool down and winds be in the right direction ♥

We decided to finally go and see "the hobbit" as we are both big fans of lord of the rings. There is a little cafe called Qu Bah right next to the theatre so we had lunch with this nice bottle of cab merlot prior to the film.

He enjoyed a very tasty chicken risotto.

And I had the Chicken blt and no I did not eat the chips or the extra bread. Was very yummy.

And a recent shot of the baby zucchini's, which I have eaten a few straight off the plant.
Hoping all those in the hot regions can stay cool and safe and may all of you in the heavily snowed parts of the world be able to keep warm.
take care and see you all here again soon xo ☺☺♥♥


  1. Stork scissors!!! Mum they are sooo cute!! Yummo, treating yourselves to good food and wine before the Hobbit-true Hobbit stylez!! xoxooxoxo

    1. I so love these scissors ♥ and you ☺


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