Thursday, January 31, 2013

Short caravan trip, beanie and tea.

Went on a quick weekend caravan trip with a group of people to perhaps join their club for future trips with them. This was held in Sale sale-showground-caravan-motorhome-park which for us was only a 30min drive.

Our little van has the rear door so this was the view from one side.

And the view from the other. Lots of other vanners with us and very nice people they were ☺☺

There was a horse show jumping event for the weekend so we had ringside seats literally from our van lol.

Oh and if any of you know Higgins from you will know why I snapped this little pic of the cute daschund, another Higgins ☺☺

The car just parked in the front, good facilities too at this place. Had a great meal out with our new to be friends at the sports club which was walking distance for those who could, so we did as wanting to improve on our health a bit lol.

Next day, some when on a convoy trip, but we decided to spend the day doing a bit of shopping and a few walks too.

There have been heaps of fires around the mountains last few weeks and still burning whilst the wetlands were looking good and wet.

The beginning of one walk. Boots on as snakes love wetlands lol.

 Plenty of bird life, a few pelicans and lots of eastern water hens which as I have said in the past look exactly the same as the new Zealand Pukeko.
Walking around the area lake guyatt which is the smaller lake in Sale.

There are the eastern water hens, PUKEKO i say lol.

Another track with what looked like to me, snake heaven, but thank goodness they stayed away ☺

This is where they housed the gunpowder used for the mines in the area.  
Then a stop off at Marlay point a link to show they hold an annual yacht race here.
We then headed back to the van to catch up with the friends and that night as it was Australia day, they decided bring your own pie and desert to share.  I made us healthy filo versions of steak and mushroom pies and a lemon drizzle cake to share, which many loved. Whoops, forgot to take snaps lol.  We also enjoyed a good old night of sing along, something different for us.
The following morning was another convoy trip and we joined in and took 2 sisters in the group along with us. Everyone car pooled so as not to have too many cars on the road.

We stopped off at Sea spray which is part of the ninety mile beach section Ninety-Mile-Beach in Victoria. Some magnificent surf.

Here is our group of friends, roughly 45-50 of us.

Another snap and yep, that is the man there in the skull t-shirt. Us being the youngest of this group they found us rather interesting lol.
Another trip further on we called in at golden beach also part of the ninety mile region.
Zoomed in and you could just see the oil rig way out there!  Oil production platforms can be seen at night from the beach.

Another view. Was a wonderful weekend and we have put in application to be part of this club, so look forward to more little trips like this, although we have quite a few trips of our own booked, either cruise/caravan/flying over the next few months.

And here is the man in a new beanie I made him. He is going to do worldsgreatestshave and have all that hair lopped off all in the name of cancer to help, Leukaemia. That is mid march so I reckon he will appreciate the hat when we get cool weather later in the year.
Anyone who is familiar with the lovely Lucy at inthesky1. will know about a tea swap. I am in, but living in Oz and most of the swappies being in the UK my postage will take ages lol, but have already sent one off weeks ago, now to wait.
Hope everyone had a good weekend even though we are now almost to the next weekend.
See you soon ☺♥


  1. WOW!!! Boy I just love seeing all your fun travels!! Lol the Man does stand out in his skull tee, I am sure you two would have made it very interesting for the other "Tar Trekkers" lol. Love the beanie you made the man and soooo glad you did not encounter any snakes at "Snake Heaven" hehe. Lotsa Love, Sarah xoxoxo


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