Saturday, February 2, 2013

Only took me 13yrs lol

For a change thought I would tackle something that I cut out and half made 13yrs ago. It was 2 pyjama tops which were for my 1st grandson, who is now almost 14 lol. He did get to wear the pants that were of the same fabric, but never got around to finishing as life changed so forgot about them.

So yesterday I tackled this one first by adding some ribbing on the neck and doing the usual hemming, just simple straight and zigzag stitches used. These buttons I have had for even longer as bought them to use for my kids who are all in late 20's early 30's ☺

Close up of the cute smiley face and my crafting scissors with skull faces of course.

Ta dah! One top completed and very happy with the end result.

See even have sewed on the buttons and did buttonholes on the sewing machine.

Close up of the other top which I have just completed and the cute smiley red button. See my little iron on label, good old ruff stuff creations lol.

Lovely and bright and am sure it will eventually be loved. Baby Riley of course is way to little for the tops, but have stored away till he is big enough to have, so I am ahead lol

3 of the buttons are little stars, aren't they cute.
On a different matter thought I would put the link for my man's Shave for a cure which he is doing around 14th March. Raising money by having his hair all shaved off.
leukaemiafoundation No expectation from anyone, but have had a few enquiries ☺☺
May you all be having a good weekend with warmth or coolness depending on which neck of the world you are in.
take care xo☺♥


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