Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sewing, knitting,crochet and the hair.

I have had this top for years and has always been very fitting so had not worn it very much. Had been thinking it would make a nice slip on jacket sooo.......

I cut straight up the middle, then pinned over an edge.

Both sides pinned ready for some straight sewing. 

And ta dah, now a little jacket which will get heaps of wear and if can get a pic of me wearing will post sometime.

And like most crafters, I always have lots of wip (work in progress) things on the go, like this scarf which is knitted. I do not do a lot of knitting except socks (which I am slow at but love).
This is part of a KAL (knitalong) which I joined in Ravelry and is unleaving available for free over there. Think mum may get this for her birthday in march if I complete it in time as of course.....

I am always crocheting something. These are real neat dishcloth/washer/pot holders (if you double)
stash-buster-6-rainbow-of-dishclothes.html on the blog Apple Blossom Dreams and is real easy and quick. A lovely colourful blog too ☺☺

See the ring is done at the start and so you are able to hang up to dry after use. Very clever
Dug up these lovely mix of potatoes yesterday and had a wonderful potato salad last night with steak.
And here is the man him self's hair and what will be getting shaved off around March 14th .leukaemiafoundation shave for a cure. Not expecting donations via here just wanting to let family members know of this ☺
It is amazingly hot here again, gosh I look forward to cool days, but do hope those of you with all the snow are keeping warm.
See ya again soon xo

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