Monday, February 11, 2013

An engagement party

The happy couple, my youngest boy Ray and his gorgeous Fiance' Lauren. They held their engagement party at a nearby to most, hotel in a lovely outdoor area.

A few guests and the balloons/flowers set up around the area.

The cupcakes that were enjoyed late in the evening by many ☺

Another distant group shot me in the the purple dress and grey hair lol.
And shock of shocks I forgot my camera so had to make do with my mobile and steal some of the pics off my gorgeous future daughter in law ☺☺

Nanny (my mum) and Lauren

Ray and Lauren with her parents, Denise and Rod, lovely people ☺☺

Yes me with the lovely pair and my brother in the background, hello Robbie lol.  

Lauren with some of her siblings and partners. Their were lots of little people too so lots of fun all round with grandchildren/nieces/nephews.

My girl Sarah, and I arranged those flowers lol.

My ex, with our new grand baby Riley ♥

Shot of my sis in law, Lynn, bro Robbie, his son in law Peter and baby Emily's head just showing and to the left William (who all belong to Peter and Meagan). Also Alexander but I could not get any clear shots of him lol

Sis in law Karen ☺

 My was ma in law Audrey holding Riley.

Nanny and Riley ( a bit blurry)

Oh and mum had the best time catching up with a star. She watches an Aussie show called "winners and losers" and Damian is in this show so she was very happy to talk all about the show with him. How cute do they look lol. winners-and-losers/ He is one of Ray's many wonderful friends.

Speech from Lauren's dad.

Followed by a speech by Sarah but no snap of her talking, I was a little nervous as thought I was going to have to speak too lol.

My bro Robbie and bro in law Carl (is stripe shirt)

Many of those cupcakes were eaten and enjoyed.

My niece (robbie's girl) who loves hiding her face, but still a nice shot lol.  

My grandson Sebastian and Lauren 

Ray and Riley xo

Me and Ray

Lauren and Riley, so cute ♥☺

The man's daughter Julia with Lauren.

My sister Julie with her granddaughters Jade next to her and Leela on the left.  
My other grandson Brandon and Lauren.
She takes wonderful snaps ☺☺

3 of my nephews from right, Adam, Tim, Murray and his gorgeous wife Jaime.

Another group shot with my man and his daughter to the left, see the beard.
Well hoped you like these snaps of our family event. Of course there were many more shots but don't want to overdo it here lol.
Hope you all have had a nice weekend.
Will probably post again before we head off on a cruise so then will be missing for a while.

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