Tuesday, November 13, 2012

One a day Tuesday and end of holiday

Yes one a day Tuesday, gosh the weeks are flying but my hook is not!! But have done a little and of course have been away on holidays in a warmer place too. link to gingerbreadgirl-carole who has not been on her blog since mid October, do hope things are ok.
The blanket is getting there and almost up to just doing the border around and around.

Oh yes and those pesky ends have to be sewn too. Think my crochet mojo has gone whacko as just can't motivate myself currently......... oh well.  Hope those doing the one a day are doing better than me and welcome to newbies too. Well the holiday has ended and a few last pics to put on for fun/boredom lol.

My bro in-law and the man just after going by train (10min trip) to Brisbane, heading to meet his daughter my niece and partner for lunch with my sister too.

Busy in the streets of Brisbane with some distant protesters too. Had a great lunch but for their privacy no pics on here. Went to Jo jo's which is a very great place to eat with good range of food link to site for those who are living or visiting Brisbane.
Back to my sister's place (there she is having some water lol) and hubby in the middle of kitchen renovations ☺☺

And their cute little doggy Milo (jack Russel) sorry about the bright eyes but could not adjust even on computer here.

A few days later on the road home and took a few snaps of the motorway/freeway on the way to/through Sydney region (not through Sydney though). The road was made with them carving through solid rock, goodness knows how long that took.

Beep beep oh look its the road runner, after being at Movie world this bus reminded me of the fun on those rides and how much braver I am the older I get, or more a fool lol lol.

The rocks are amazing and this is just on the side we were on with the other side being through the gap on the right of photo.

So close and yet so far from my son who lives in nsw, he of course joined us whilst we were in Coolangatta.

No more rocks, just lots of trees as we travelled on further into country nsw.

This is lake George which is between Canberra and Sydney on the Federal highway Lake George which is one of those disappearing lakes depending on rain etc and interesting read in the link. I saw some water but hard to photograph, but heaps of wind turbines in the distance. 

More beautiful scenery along the Monaro Highway link which crosses through act, nsw and victoria states of Australia. Beautiful views along the way and sometimes snow capped mountains.

Just a few of the cattle grazing on their property.
We travelled just under 1800klm's to get home over 2days with 2 night stops along the way and now back home again to this.......

Don't like the look of this!! Oh well that's what happens when you go away for 3 weeks and the weather is wet/sunny, major grass growth.

Something on my to do list although the man did mention he might even do it for me, how lovely is he as he is now back at work and I have a bit of family/friend catchup's to do which also mean me being on the road again....... I think I will have a lie down now to think about it lol. Love to you all and thank you so much for dropping buy and helping my inspiration with comments ☺☺♥♥


  1. You drove ALL the way. I am impressed. I live smack in the middle and find the drive either way enormous. Much rather fly. :-) Your blanket is looking stunning. Love the colours.

    1. Thankyou it is a big drive lol. Trying to do a bit more right know on the blanket ☺☺

  2. What a wonderful blanket you are making - loving the colors! :)

    1. Thankyou and for dropping by too ☺☺

  3. The colours are just beautiful. It looks like you had a great holiday. Deb x


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