Friday, March 15, 2013

A wedding

Well I am here again, lots of posting at the moment ☺ Can you believe the traffic??
Headed off last Friday for a wedding for my longest friend's (born in same hospital) oldest girl's wedding to a lovely young man. The weather as said before has been incredibly hot, mostly over 35c (95f) and this weekend did not let us down with the HEAT lol.

It was being held in Lorne link and it was a long weekend here in Victoria hence more traffic than normal, but then again we live in country type area where little traffic once out of our town area ☺
You also get to drive along "the great ocean road" beautiful views of the sea.

We were booked in for 2 nights at grandpacific hotel and the wedding reception was also to be held here. Our room with balcony and wonderful view.

Very close to the pier where we had a bit of a walk to try to cool down, not easy with the sun blazing down lol. But can't complain as at least good weather.

We parked out the front and see the little blue Combi van? That is the hotel's courtesy bus and as we found out later also brought the wedding party over to the grassed beach area where the wedding vows were to be held.
Lovely big balcony both ways where you can sit at the various tables scattered around. The room had a ceiling fan which we had running the whole time we were there. 
Zoomed in on the pine trees opposite and there was one  Sulphur-crested_Cockatoo all by itself. Those who don't know these birds, well, let me say they fly quite erratically and squawk very loudly, but cute all the same and live up to 70 and sometimes beyond as a pet. 
Next afternoon we crossed over the road past the pier to the area where the wedding was happening. Again a very warm day and the sun was majorly shining.
The beautiful sea where as you can notice the tide is way out.
The groom keeping himself hydrated just prior to the service. 
And here are 3 of the bridesmaids, the last one being the brides youngest sister. Not a great shot as people kept walking in front of my camera lol. See the blue car, that is the combi van. 
And the beautiful bride with her step dad and mum (just almost out of view), my dear dear friend they both walked with her to hand over to the groom ☺☺♥♥
Their is my good friend with her hubby watching the vows being taken. 
The bride and groom with a beautiful scenery in the background. Was a fun wedding and lots of catching up with old and new friends. 
Promising each other all sorts of fun things like trying to learn to cook, and trying to interpret to her friends what he is really saying (New Zealand accent he has) lol.  
And here are 2 of the gorgeous bridesmaids. The youngest sister on the left and her step sister on the right. The dresses really were beautiful!
Mum and the bride sharing a joke. 
A beautiful photo which I know my mum will love seeing as she has known both of them since they were born ☺☺♥
The next morning before breakfast had a walk along the pier and took a pic of the hotel in the distance with my mobile phone, pity no zoom. But still good picture. Had a wonderful long weekend with a stay overnight at my other dear friend's holiday house with a few others and lots more laughing.
Will leave you with this gorgeous fellow, now 3mths and I have not seen him in a while but keep up to date via face book so a pinched this photo of him off his mum's page ☺☺ cute eh?
Heading to my mum's over the weekend to celebrate her 88th birthday.
May you all have a good weekend too xoxo

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  1. Beautiful country!!!
    Beautiful wedding!!!
    Beautiful baby!!!
    Thanks for posting, Wendy, and I hope you have a lovely time celebrating your mum's birthday this weekend. Precious times.


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