Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cruising the beautiful sea and new zealand

Yes back from our wonderful cruise on this ship, Carnival Spirit link. A 3 full day trip across sea to then go around new zealand with stops at 6 ports. This ship is pretty awesome but then I have only been on this one cruise so of course it was fun!! We have good sea legs so that helped a lot lol.

We boarded about 1 on the saturday morning and entered into this impressive foyer with glass lifts too. The man is over in the distance getting us a diet soda.

View from our balcony whilst still in port melbourne. With the Tassie Spirit spiritoftasmania in the background, this smaller ship sails every day/night at 7am or 7pm depending on time of year.

Enjoying a relax on one of the decks enjoying the view.

Quick snap of the two of us, not easy taking your own pic lol.

We set sail at about 7 and you can see the tassie spirit being left behind.

We had to turn around so we could then sail in the right direction.

Heading on through port Phillip bay bay information

Many enjoying heading off with the 2 waterslides in the background and the big engine.

Goodbye melbourne and the westgate bridge.
Good zoom to snap the spirit of Tassie again and goodbye.

Our bed with a view out, lovely.

The pilot helped get the ship out through the heads info on the heads The pilot helps ships sail into the bay and out of as is quite treacherous.

Another view of our room.
Time for a little bit of relaxing crochet on the balcony ☺
Great views of the sea.

The man enjoying time with his new kindle. kindle-wifi-paperwhite for those who have not seen one.

Plenty of time to wander around the ship taking snaps of the many pools

Taking walks with constant sea views is really something special and keeps you walking.

Well hello, who do we have here? Came back to our room and bed was turned down for our 2nd night in and this towel creation, we think was a seal. It really is something having your bed made for you every day, fresh towels, bed turned down in the evening and endless food out in the various area's and restaurants, which most is already included so eating 24/7 if you want lol. We did not ☺☺
And another towel friend the following night lol. Meet mr elephant.

The sun setting over the Tasman sea.

I have taken soooo many pics of the sea, but don't want to bore anyone lol, so will leave you with this one and be back in a day or 2 with day 3 and beyond. Having the new kitchen put in over the next 2days so don't think I will get back here till after that, so more interesting blogging to come, not to mention all the crochet I got done.
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  1. Oh my!!!!! What a very Beautiful holiday! That would have been amazing, being surrounded by the sea and ooohhh the pools and waterslides! So glad you both got to totally relax and unwind. Love Always, Sarah, Brandon and Batty xoxooxoxoxoxoxox

  2. Oh yes the towel animals were so cool!!!

  3. Wow! looks so amazing fiona and I will be going cruising one day. Love all the pics. Can't wait to see you both again soon. Thought I'd have a look and leave a comment this time :-) lots of love Frank, Fiona, Misty and Riley xoxoxoxo.

  4. So glad you had a lovely voyage, Wendy! Members of my family are very keen on cruises, but so far I have just encouraged them to enjoy their trips while I happily stay ashore :-)

    One of my blog readers asked if I had the pattern for the lovely lavender mitts you sent me. I sent her your blog address so perhaps you will hear from her.

    Blessings to you and yours,


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