Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Continuing the cruise and land ahoy!

Land ahoy!! On the 3rd sea day we got see the first part of New Zealand on our itinerary. Fjordlands national park area Is a geographic region of New Zealand that is situated on the south-western corner of the South Island. This includes Milford Sound, Doubtful Sound and Dusky Sound. Captain Cook spent many months exploring, establishing workshops and an observatory. His crew apparently brewed the first ever beer in NZ during his stay. Interesting stuff eh.


The Pilot was there to help us along to Milford Sound

Great zoom ☺☺

We went down to have breakfast in the beautiful dining room area and had quite a good time getting to meet more passengers. You can opt to just be placed randomly with another 6 or so guests for different fun. Rather grand looking eating place.
One of the wonderful waterfalls, although a lot less than usual as there has been quite a drought happening for all of New Zealand.

Certainly wonderful to see ☺

Heading out of Milford for Doubtful Sound. 

More waterfalls but again a lot less than what they usually are.....

Ah there is the man coming to have a little sit and a drink before lunch.

Ooooh yes some more towel creatures and these one's were hanging around the pool in the adults area ☺☺

One of the bars which I enjoyed sitting at the window enjoying the view's often whilst on the cruise.

Oh and a little crochet too, will post on that at a later date ☺


Rather cool up the top with us looking like we are not having fun lol, but honestly we were and did, just not easy taking your own photo lol.

On through Dusky Sound

Then heading towards the Tasman sea out of the sound, with our next port of call where we got off for the day to enjoy at Port Chalmers/Dunedin. 

So will leave you with our next Towel friend we think was a pig or dog, cute.
So hope you enjoy reading our cruise fun and will continue again maybe tomorrow.
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  1. New Zealand is indeed beautiful. Glad you found some hooky time on the boat. That's my kind of fun. Thank you for visiting my blog. :-)

    1. It is beautiful and thankyou for visiting here and commenting too xoxo

  2. It is exciting to see such beautiful sights!!!

    The towel characters are fun, too :-)

    Thanks for posting, Wendy.


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