Friday, March 8, 2013

More cruising on land ☺

Hello again and welcome to my new followers, rather exciting lol.  Apparently the woods around this area have NO snakes (none in nz at all), or poisonous spiders, but poisonous mushrooms. I can deal with that lol

Arrived at Port Chalmers with our day visit to Dunedin and a beautiful day ☺

We visited the the Chinese garden.

A lovely place to feel very much at peace.

The man honing his chopstick skills by picking up marbles lol.

A bit of walking around and came across this lovely beauty Josephine, pity not out there on the tracks......

The front of the Dunedin station, beautiful building.

As we were all back on ship a young boy came to play the bag pipes, sounded wonderful.

Goodbye to Port Chalmers and Dunedin.

Ah ha!! a Lotus flower towel
Following day we arrived at next port of call, Akaroa a very neat little town, see our ship in the distance. We got over here by a couple of lifeboats, yes climbing off the ship into small boats.

This street was a massive hilly one, but does not look it in the picture. Walked all the way up this street to visit a place that was not going to be open for another 3hrs.......duh!!!

So we did not get to visit the Giant's house as I did not want to tackle the long climb back up this street later that day lol.
More walking and the man took a climb up the relocated lighthouse (not in use) to view the scenery.

Back on the lifeboat and luck there was windows or I would have ended up drenched lol. Lots of big waves.....

Back on the ship with a pic of Akaroa in the distance.
The last of the lifeboats being hauled back up into place.

Oh and tonight was the Stingray's turn ☺☺

Next day was Wellington's turn to have us visit. Have never been here and it is the capital city of New Zealand. It is also known as Windy Wellington and it sure lived up to it's name lol.

A few early passenger's heading off.

Luckily we got off early as we went for a ride on the cable car and by the time we came back down and hour or 2 later, the queue was probably an hour long or more!!

Up the top and the view was impressive. We visited a couple of museum's and the Carter observatory, but no pics taken.

Back on ship for another night of sailing towards next destination and we noticed we were opposite the airport, now I love watching planes so this was exciting for me at least lol.

Over us it flew......

zoomed in to get it landing, neat ☺☺

One of the hallways on the deck we were on, deck 8 almost at the top of the ship and interesting walking when the ship is rocking lol. 

Oh how cute Mr Froggy came to visit that night.
The next place will be Napier, but will come back for the continuing cruise post's. Off to a wedding this weekend so may not be back here till Monday or Tuesday.
Have a good weekend everyone, it is real hot here at the moment so I am looking forward to some cool sea breeze whilst enjoying the wedding (my longest/dearest friends girl)

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