Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cruise and days at Napier, Tauranga and Auckland and the end.

                                                Now get ready for another quite lengthy post!
                                       The end of our cruise posts finally after all we have been back for a while
Good old Mustard and Sauce on every table. Up early to have our breakfast ready for a day on land.

We were greeted at Napier (Hawkes Bay) by this tiki fellow. if interested.

Off in the provided coach into Napier to check out what tours we could do.

Headed off with a tour guide to show us a few of the attractions. This one being arataki honey

Plenty to sample and we came away with a Thyme Honey, very nice ☺

Up at temata for the great views although today could not see the sea as very cloudy. Ok for us as we had been here before.

Dropped in at craggy range winery for a bit of a sample and purchase one bottle of a nice red which was taken off us back at the ship to be given back to us on our last night on the cruise. Rules they have which do seem a bit crazy.

Our lovely driver picked up a punnet of strawberry's to share, Yum.

The council in Hastings provide hanging basket full of bright flowers and also up on the top of the roof, makes for a lovely look in the town ☺

A drop in to sample some very yummy choc at silky oak chocs

We were taken to a great lookout which overlooked our ship so a great chance to get a zoomed shot above the water slides.

Then on to our next little tour on board the local Duck.

A very entertaining driver and assistant taking us via road around town then down to the water.

Driving back out which is an interesting experience and as you can imagine these boats do not go very fast on road or sea, but you get to see plenty of sights.

Early day back on the ship, goodbye Napier.

Finally got a few shots of Pharaoh's palace although the inside theatre shots were hideous, so not showing them. But the way they decorate ships is certainly over the top lol.

Out on one of the decks below the lifeboats.

A fun area which had a jungle theme and went all the way around at one end of the ship, kids loved running through here and looking out the many port holes. 


Oh yes some yummy cakes and the prices were really cheap, this black forest cake was $2.25 and was big and yes we did share ONE on our last day on the ship ☺☺

Another one of the relaxing areas near a bar and the shopping area below.

Picked up a couple of duty free Gin's here which also were not given to us till final night on the ship.

Another towel friend and we thought this one looked dinosaur like.
Next morning we were in Tauranga which is the most populous city in the Bay of Plenty region of North Island New Zealand. bay of plenty

Today would be a walking day around town and was also our hottest day about 26 celc. Walked through this rose garden which of course had none as wrong time for the flowers.

Thought the crocheter's and knitter's out there would appreciate this yarn bombed bike ☺

A couple of low carb ciders to quench our hard earned thirst lol.

A rather interesting old bottle they had stored in their display cabinet, which read at the bottom "ve your crutches handy, this be a toe curler".  ☺
Our yummy lunches of salad

Back on the ship and the man decided to tackle those water slides, first up the green thunder. Cylinder type where you stand on a floor which drops out from under you, not for me........ I will stick to roller coasters instead lol.

Whizzing past.......

Ready at the top of the yellow twister.

Looking half drowned at the bottom lol.

The adult spa and pool below with plenty of lounging to be had if you like the hot sun. 

Another towel friend kinda cat/dog looking.

Decided to collect these guys and add each day for the rest of our time left.

As we sailed off a kayaker tried to keep up lol. 

Sailing towards Auckland chasing the other ship.

Beautiful moonlit night out on the sea.
The moon the following morning at Auckland!!

Took a while to come into the port so was daylight by the time we were getting off. There were 3 other cruise ships.

Auckland port auckland

The sky tower where a young guy from our cruise was keenly heading to bungy jump off and also do the walk around. He saw us later and said it was fantastic, not for me lol lol. skycityauckland Skytower

Love old cemetery's. Had plenty of walking around then took a bus for a good old tourist look for an hour.

Also know as K road in Auckland.

Back on the ship and the men were getting ready to release the ropes.
The tug boat came over to give a hand.

Hilton right on the port where you could see people enjoying their balcony's.

Ropes winding on back into the ship

Zoomed in on some people happily watching us all leave.

Ready for our next 3 days of sea

The tug boat drivers

Tug boat doing a donut on the sea lol.

Good bye Auckland and New Zealand

Oooh a bunny just for us tonight.

Collection getting larger lol.

Our view for the next 3 days.


Priest like.

Final day at sea and it got rather rough with many not feeling very well. We have good sea legs so we were aok. ☺☺

Oh how sweet our final one is a heart with our chocolates. We still have all the chocolates here at home, only ate 1 each the whole cruise.

The assortment of friends we left for our room assistant with a thank you note and the man handed him a tip too.
It was a wonderful time and I love that so many have commented and said how much they have loved joining in on these posts ☺☺ 
I will now get back to posting the crochet I did, kitchen renovation (which is mostly done) and a wedding enjoyed.  May even get a chance to post tomorrow as the man does the greatest shave this Saturday. take care my friends xoxo                                                             


  1. Wow, what an amazing trip! I am so jealous right now :) Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you like and loved sharing ☺

  2. I agree with Elle, sooo jelous of your trip, I think I might like a cruise, didn't think I would before. Perhaps we need a holiday to NZ ;) Fabulous photos and loved the foodie ones too. The scale of the boat in Auckland harbour, it is immense!! I'm like you, really good sea legs, I'd be fine ;) welcome home.

    1. oh thankyou for the welcome back. Took me a while to get these posts done lol but good fun.

  3. Thanks for letting me armchair travel with you, Wendy :-) I really did enjoy the voyage through your eyes.

    It is fun to realize that while we live so many miles from each other, we share so many common interests and similar views!

    1. Your welcome Gracie, I do love how we can connect all over the world.

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