Monday, March 18, 2013

Nanny's 88th and the crochet bunny hats

There's the birthday girl lol. Enjoying a cup of tea ☺ Headed over for lunch with us making chicken, avocado, lettuce and mayo sandwiches (mum loves). With one of my sister's and her hubby and their granddaughter and daughter in law and my man, my daughter and me. No pic's of everyone as got a bit busy lol 
Here is my sister Julie putting the cream onto her magnificent sponge cake made with her lovely chickens eggs.

Mum loved this, bright icing with lots of raspberries all over the top.

Blowing out the candles lol. See the little shamrock on her shirt. I crocheted that for her as her birthday fall's on St Patrick's day so she loved it and the daffodil one I also made for her ☺ 
A lovely chatty time had by us all. Then we drove over to visit some little people....
Baby Riley with the crochet bunny hat I made for him to have for Easter, cute eh?? 
And Misty with hers and her Easter basket she uses to collect eggs on Easter morning. That's her mum in the background ☺☺ 
Such a cute hat and baby ♥ 
There's my girl Sarah wearing Misty's hat, with Riley very happy and Misty in her other bunny ears lol.  
And the man with the little man, they look alike even though not really related, must be the no hair look lol.  
Yes another snap, just could not help myself lol.
And what a cute face with beautiful blue eye's does this little Misty have ☺
Hope you all had a great weekend and now getting ready for Easter and here in Oz school holidays.
We are taking Mum with us at the end of the week on holidays for a week to a lovely place called Bright which she loves and in autumn quite lovely with the colours of the leaves on the trees.
Lots of snaps may be taken.
thank you for dropping by ♥


  1. Lots of love and crochet for this 88th birthday shindig! Looks like a lot of fun, and those bunny hats are just the cutest.

  2. I enjoyed your celebration! Thanks for posting. The hats are adorable as are the little ones wearing them. Blessings to you and yours as you enjoy Bright. I look forward to your report :-)

    1. Thankyou Gracie for again visiting, I certainly have been posting a bit over the last week or 2 lol.


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