Saturday, March 30, 2013

Holiday with Nanny in Bright

Yes here is Nanny, my mum. Booked this holiday almost a year ago and she had been really looking forward to going ☺ She had been a bit crook the last few days so was feeling a little jaded but still keen, hence looking a little apprehensive of me snapping her in the car lol.

Headed on up through Bonnie Doon where the lake had been bone dry for years then filled right up again. 
Has dropped a bit since we last came through but still wonderful to see it so full.
Arrived at our destination brightvictoria to stay here. We have been here 2 times before and thought mum may be able to cope with this as she likes Bright.
The following morning the little train was running (usually 3 times a week) and the little kids love it, so the train man goes around a few times. Really is a great place for the little ones as great playground too.
There she is having a look at the train tracks and the mini golf and playground.
Went for a small walk out of the resort and over this little bridge.
I showed her the path into town which is roughly 2klm's but a bit far for her to go, so just a short walk and look instead. Beautiful trees are just starting to change colour of the leaves with Autumn.
Of course I was happy to see we were staying under the flight path of the big planes ☺ 
The kitchen/dining area of the 2 bedroom unit, with 2 en suites so perfect for mum. 
Lounge area.  
The next day we took a drive to a little town called Whorouly and visited one of my sister's who was going to join us for 2 nights. Nice house she has there too.
She is showing mum the carport and yard areas. 
It is roughly an acre so plenty of room for future growing of vegies.
Off in the car we headed back to Bright, fun having passengers to take pics of lol.
It was her birthday the day before so we got a cake and some cute Happy Birthday letter candles, the man assisted with the lighting.
Singing happy birthday lol  
One of the mornings I fed the visiting ducks a bit of bread and they were very pleased.
Whilst mum had a good old cuppa and a read of the English women's weekly. She has been reading this since she was 18, so 70yrs, amazing eh??? 
Thought she might like to have a trip up to Mt Buffalo for a good view, so off we went with beautiful weather ahead. 
There is a lookout way up the top of that peak which, we did not go up to. A bit hard with a wheelie. 
Magnificent views up here and mum loved it. 
Her taking a picture of the view with me taking her picture ☺ 
We had quite a few day trips which of course included eating out.
Look at what she chose, crumbed sausages and bacon!! Must admit she did only eat 1 sausage, but loved all of the bacon and mash. Me and the man have been eating rather lightly as trying to trim up a bit and get his sugar count down.

So here is his chicken and salad.
And my poached chicken and salad on bread, I did not have the sour cream or all the bread. 
A nice drive back with lovely green grass and trees.

The view on our way back of Mt Beauty township down below. 
Mum had a rest up and read while I got tea ready that night. 
The other meal out was at the Wangaratta RSL and mum loves a good parmigiana so went the half option with roast veg. 
I had entree of chicken satay 
The man had a light penang noodle dish. Before we knew it our weeks holiday was coming to an end with beautiful weather except for 1 day where it rained a lot, but fun.
Up early on our drive back home with fog rolling amongst the hills.
We drove back via Mt Hotham link for info where there have been many fires recently and in the past. Part of the road has broken down due to heavy rainfall after the most recent fires and under major repair, but we were able to travel that day.
Such a contrast to the green we had been seeing.
Getting further up there was plenty of green grass but still many signs of the fires. Mt Hotham has a very popular ski/snow resort area.

Coming into Hotham and part of the village way up here. 
Just had to take another snap, cos I can lol. She had a little snooze too on the way back, no pics of that or I would be in big trouble lol.  
Back home she is and now probably enjoying some quiet times
Happy Easter from me to all of you and your families.
I am now back to catching up with soooo many blogs which I have not been near in the whole week.
Take care and see you again here soon ♥


  1. Lovely to see all your lovely photos, you have some beautiful scenery over there, very different from ours!
    Glad you all had a good holiday too!
    Angie x

    1. Hi Angie, thankyou for visiting and lovely comments. I enjoy sharing the many places we go too!

  2. Mum you are a wonderful daughter and Paul is lovely giving Nanny such a nice time in Bright with all those beautiful views!! Such yummy food too. Love seeing the journeys! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  3. Thanks for the holiday! I enjoyed it, Wendy. It is so interesting to see how your part of the world is embracing autumnal weather as we welcome Spring. Forest fires can be a major threat in late summer/early fall in parts of the US as well. Blessings to you and yours,


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