Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Kitchen renovation TA DAH!!!

Finally the kitchen has been completed except a pure water tap to be put in Friday maybe.
Remember these tiles? I know the man remembers them well after.....

Having to do this!!!! Back breaking for sure.

And the old cupboards and oven/stove top.

That wonderful brick wallpaper lol ☺

Tiles all gone and wallpaper.

Goodbye old oven and bench.

Final shot........

Hello new cupboards and bench!! So much lighter too.
Another angle shot showing empty space for new fridge/freezer, and the wall oven is a side opening door, so easy to use.

Yesterday the timber distressed floor was put in and we are very happy and it looks fantastic!!

The new fridge/freezer is in and is wonderful and can you see the black and white bats in the distance??? 
There they are, hanging around the pantry and over the wonderful 5 gas burner cook top ☺☺ Yes I am very happy lol.
Even our old dishwasher looks great.
Final shot, amazing how much bigger it all seems.
A big thankyou to Wayne at hi tek kitchens for the amazing job, highly recommend to anyone in our area!!!
Hope you have enjoyed seeing this transformation and I will be back with a little crochet next time.
Thank you again for the lovely comments and visiting ☺☺☺♥


  1. That looks fantastic!!! Love the new kitchen lots and very well planned :-) lots of love from frank, fi, mis and riley xoxo

  2. So exciting, Wendy! I have watched a lot of HGTV this winter and especially enjoy seeing how creative hardworking folks such as yourselves, beautifully organize their homes. :)

    1. I love those types of shows too, and thankyou.

  3. Ooh how beautiful! Lucky you!
    We had a new kitchen fitted a few years ago, I absolutely loved it. Then we moved!
    We've had 2 new bathrooms and a whole load of other work done here in Poppy Cottage so I doubt I'll get another new kitchen here!
    Enjoy it! And don't move house!
    Angie x

    1. No moving from this one, not for at least a decade or more lol thankyou xo

  4. Beautiful! It looks terrific. Enjoy your new kitchen!

  5. Go me old fashioned but I liked the first tiles! Your kitchen looks very sophisticated now though! When did you say you are taking paying guests? lol xxx It is good to catch up with you. (((hugs)))

    1. LUCY!!! So good to have your visit here ☺
      You are welcome anytime xo

  6. Oh my goodness it is gorgeous! Good job!!! It's so light and stylish. :-)


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