Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crochet scoodie for my girl some interesting china and a neat Aussie bird visits

Happy Birthday to my girl too. I made this Scoodie for her and she loves it.
The pattern is free on Rav and here

Having fun with her boys, my grandson's lol
We headed out shopping and got a shot of this cute flower and grandson no.1 just got in the shot with his new pennyboard (skateboard) ☺

They showed me fantastic shop online store coming soon Inacoma and it is full of clothing I love. Alice cooper t-shirts, gothic things, jewellery etc etc, much love. Not to everyone's taste but i am a little strange. Even ended up with a wonderful grey jumper with a bat on it, yes call me the weird bat lady lol. Must get pics of it and the t-shirts dear girl bought me ☺☺

Those boys went to the movies with huge popcorn and we went shopping and had ourselves some yummy sushi. ♥ Happy birthday to us, yes we share the day, 7th april, she was my 21st birthday present lol.  
For tea that night I made us some meatballs in tasty sauce to have with these cute simpson noodles lol.  
My dear girl has 3 cats!!! This is sparrow (and he can be a little scratchy/bitey)

This is the gorgeous Dante' and you will have seen him before, he loves me and I love him ♥☺

This is Dexter who is a very gentle cat unlike his nasty brother sparrow lol.

Yep Sparrow, but he was only yawning thank goodness lol.

They love their catlady mum xo lol.  
She has also been given some real neat china from a lovely lady she cleans the house for fortnightly.
See the dragons? 
Another lot with butterfly's and dragon cups.

How cute is this giraffe on his own couch ☺
My dear girl is sleeping with 2 of the cats, I also slept the night and was pretty warm with all that fur around lol.  
My lovely sister got me this awsome bag!  I may be 56 but don't mind wearing/carrying different things with me ☺☺
And a few days ago the neat aussie birds were visiting in the tree down the road from our house.
This is the male one enjoying some berries.
Here is the female, funny how the male is always prettier when it comes to birds.......

Nice close up with the zoom, love his red head.

Look how happy she looks. They are
Callocephalon-fimbriatum Gang Gang and feel free to read about them.
Hope you have enjoyed visiting more of my crazy blogging on all different things in my life.
May you all have a great weekend and weeks ahead.
And thankyou for the lovely comments.


  1. Oh my goodness, happy birthday to both of you! How wonderful to share your birthday with your child. It looks like you had a very nice day together. :)

    1. Thankyou and for dropping by too ♥

  2. Happy Birthday!!! I'm glad you had a good celebration :) Now I'm off to read about your beautiful Aussie birds~~~


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