Saturday, April 13, 2013

New lounge suite and visitors

Yes visitors, my youngest boy and his friend. His friend used to live with us for a while when I lived down Melbourne way and we called him "the lodger" ☺  Such a lovely pair they are, the lodger is now married and my little guy (with the glasses) gets married late next year.  I now live roughly 2hrs away so was lovely to have them visit to see the kitchen and check out the new lounge suite.

Here it is, a real neat black leather lounge with all recliners so think we will be doing some all nighters asleep in the lounge lol.

So comfy and look cup holders, rather handy I might add, and if you lift up the section behind the cups you can store the remotes. That's one of my past kitties Freddy on the cushion there.

Wonderful and my crochet cushion is very happy there, might have to do some more.

I like this one a lot, already for legs to be stretched out to relax with my crochet. The cat on this cushion was my favourite of all Ripley, she was the gentlest cat I have know, sad she went so early. 

And who do we have here???? Ahh Mr Riley, so cute and growing soooo much.

Oh and his sister Misty loves him very much, always hugging and kissing him lol.

The little family, my other son, his pretty partner and Misty and Riley ☺☺
They came to stay for 2 nights.
The man Grandpa kept a close eye on the little visitors lol.

This morning before Misty was to head home we fed this Magpie. Misty was very happy cause her dad barracks for Collingwood known as Magpies (football team).

The little guy is even sitting up in the little seat I have, almost 5mths old.

Outside looking for more birds and taking the odd picture with her mum's camera.

She loved the smell of my Rosemary bush and getting lots of pictures whilst outside with Granny ☺
She loved the little tomatoes too.

Sneaking a shot of Grandpa while he was on the computer inside.

Grandpa saying goodbye to little Riley, he is a very long baby and mega cute, but of course I am biased lol.
What are your plans this weekend? Hope you all have a good weekend, we have more visitors coming on Monday (dear friends).
Must get back to my crochet and complete something/anything, going slow here lol
take care my friends and family xoxo


  1. Busy, happy visits are a welcome interruption from craft production, though, aren't they? I am enjoying noting our opposite seasons, and the fantastic looking birds that visit you and not me here in the USA! Thanks for posting, Wendy.

    1. Thanks again Gracie, like that you enjoying visiting here ♥

  2. So nice to have kids, grandchildren and friends around! Your new furniture is great, use it well and enjoy.

    1. Yes Jennifer it is fun times ☺
      Glad those little people of yours are better.
      take care ☺♥

  3. What a beautiful looking brood you have there. I am not surprised you are getting all these have made it too comfortable for um and you keep making em welcome. xxx

  4. i like visiting here


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